Juan Carlos Cacho spoke about Charlyn Corral and the Women’s Tri

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Juan Carlos Cacho, Pachuca Women’s coach, trusts that Charlyn Corral is rewarded with a call to the Mexican National Team feminine for her scoring performance in the Liga MX Femenil, but do not get impatient.

“Let time alone speak, Charlyn is giving excellent matches with the work and with the performance that it has had, you can raise your hand; He is working very well, very professional, beyond that, I have to see the team”, mentioned the DT.

With respect to victory in the first leg of the Clausura 2022 Semifinals Before Rayadas, the current women’s soccer champions, Cacho said that she asked her managers make perfect matches.

“I have said that since this Liguilla the more we can make perfect matches we can reverse any markpain or we can propose. We have done well: today cost the start we did not come out concentrated, but we composed ourselves, we were lucky and we were forceful”, he commented.

The strategist even revealed in what had a greater effort to prepare this series before the royal box.

“We have worked a lot defensivelythe diagonal routes, the two against one in the band we have planned well, defensive encounters, vmasters to continue working, and see what we lacked in this match and the Vuelta match, look for another perfect match”.

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