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Juan Diego Alvira is a Colombian journalist and presenterNoticias is known for his work in media such as Caracol and Citynoticias.

Due to her career spanning over 20 years in the media, Alvira has managed to gather a huge fan base on her social networks, such as Instagram. He has more than one million followers.

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Until a few months ago Juan Diego Alvira decided to complete a phase of his journalistic career in Semana. it pushed him forward Venture into different platforms like TikTokWhere he made videos talking on various contemporary topics.

Nevertheless, he decided to abandon this venture as he began working on ‘.Channel 1′ with its own program ‘Sin Carreta’‘, which airs Monday to Friday at 7 pm.

However, he hasn’t left social media behind completely, as he still uses TikTok Now its focus is on fun and comedy contentBy using various filters in which you show your preferences on different topics.

One of his latest videos on the Chinese social network is an interactive game “Which one would you like?” In which, depending on the dynamics, you will have to choose between different famous models and actresses, which will generate different comments from your followers.

The video begins with Alvira choosing Jennifer Lopez over Mexican actress Salma Hayek. came again Defining moment for his followers, since the next choices were the famous actresses and models, Sofia Vergara and JLo. The journalist did not hesitate for a second in choosing the Puerto Rican.

The video ended with a choice between American singer and actress, Selena Gomez and Jennifer Lopez, Prioritizing Latin Artists Again, with which he did it His ideal love is JLO, Admired for her beauty above other famous women.

In view of this, its users generated comments such as: “He had the courage to reject Sofia Vergara“or” We already know who celebrity crush Of Juan Diego”.

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