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There are movements, incessant calls, messages that come and go and a lot of expectation: will Juan Fernando Quintero decide for Atlético Junior instead of preferring the juicy offers from Brazil?

The creative was in Barranquilla, speaking directly with Alejandro Char and allowing himself to be tempted with an offer that would literally break the Colombian market and set a salary record, as stated in Barranquilla.

According to the revelation of the newspaper El Heraldo, the man from Antioquia relies on friends who have had a luxurious time at the club and Alex Char knows this, who would have called Miguel Borja in the middle of the meeting with the 10 and when he put it on speakerphone I would have heard: “Don’t let him go, tie him up, that’s the man.”

It is said that there were jokes and more comments and that the striker, with whom Quintero coincided in River Plate and put together a great duo, spoke wonders about what the institution offers.

According to the source, Borja is not the only one who is pushing for the signing of Quintero in his beloved Junior from Barranquilla, since he would have also called one of his idols of yesteryear, Giovanni Hernández, to find out more about what awaits him.

“The man from Cali, twice champion with ‘el Tiburón’ (2010 and 2011), lived a similar story when they signed him in 2008 and he never regretted dressing in rojiblanco,” the newspaper said.

The offers are on the table and now the ball is in JuanFer’s field. The decision should not take long.

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