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Donald Trump, on Friday, January 13, 2023.
Donald Trump, on Friday, January 13, 2023.Reuters

The judicial offensive that ex-president Donald Trump promotes against everything and everyone has received a serious setback this Friday, halfway between warning and corrective action, after a federal judge ridiculed a lawsuit filed by the Republican against some of his rivals. politicians, denouncing the tycoon’s legal desire and disavowing his legal team for allowing themselves to be dragged “by their bad faith.” In addition to the serious disqualification, the magistrate has fined the Republican and his lawyers for wasting the time of justice with a lawsuit that, it is inferred from the ruling, should not have even been admitted for processing. The lawsuit was filed last March by Trump’s lawyer Alina Habba against Democrat Hillary Clinton, her rival in the 2016 elections, the Democratic National Committee and former FBI Director James Comey for allegedly orchestrating a conspiracy against the Republican in line with Russian interference in the elections that led him to the White House.

The judge of the southern district of Florida Donald Middlebrooks has not spared qualifications when it comes to admonishing the magnate, whose righteous behavior he condemns, and ridiculing a lawsuit that “no reasonable lawyer would have considered filing”, as it lacks “recognizable legal basis”. , be based on “bad faith” and intend to “promote a dishonest political narrative” through “categorically absurd” demands. The magistrate has imposed a fine of 937,000 dollars (about 850,000 euros) on the former president of the United States and his team of lawyers -18 in total- for having proceeded without any legal basis and for purely political reasons, in addition to “frivolous ”.

The judicialization of politics has reached record records with Trump, in a country in which the street furniture canopies or the large advertising panels that dot the highways are plagued with advertisements from law firms ―demand for any eventuality, from a fall on public roads or in a shop to a burn from too-hot coffee―not to mention Hollywood’s prolific judicial subgenre. Trump is in and out of court almost daily, with several lawsuits open against him, but the lawsuit he filed against Clinton and other Democrats has pulverized the limits of relevance, according to the ruling. “It is nothing more than a hodgepodge of unconnected, sometimes immaterial facts, followed by an inadmissible conclusion, which together represent a deliberate attempt to harass,” continues the magistrate, appointed by then-Democratic President Bill Clinton in 1997.

“Genius of Abuse”

The argument of the sentence has no waste. The magistrate describes Trump as “a genius at strategic abuse of the judicial process” and a “prolific litigator who constantly uses the courts to exact revenge on his political enemies.” “He cannot be considered a client who blindly follows the advice of his lawyers. He is fully aware of the impact of his actions, ”adds the magistrate, leaving his legal team in a very bad place and especially the lawyer Alina Habba, who drafted and filed the lawsuit, timely replicated by the former Secretary of State Clinton. “Frivolities like this,” Middlebrooks stresses, “should not be a vehicle for fundraising or fodder for social media.”

Last November, Trump formally presented his candidacy for re-election in the 2024 presidential elections. After learning that Joe Biden, his rival at the polls in 2020, also hid classified documentation in various locations – as Trump also did at his residence in Mar-a-Lago, registered by the FBI―, the tycoon puffs out his chest as he accumulates rulings against him for the tax irregularities of his commercial emporium, the Trump Organization, the subject of two parallel investigations in New York. The Republican has another important open front after the commission that investigated the assault on the Capitol decided to summon him to testify and eventually prosecute him for the commission of various crimes, including obstruction of justice and insurrection.

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