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“The judges speak for our rulings”, responded Javier Moscoso Cedeño, judge of the Multicompetent Unit of Manglaralto, province of Santa Elena, before the interview request made by this newspaper on the morning of this April 14.

Moscoso is the magistrate who granted him a habeas corpus to former Vice President Jorge Glas, with which he was released on April 10. Glas was serving two sentences of eight years in prison for the Odebrecht and Bribery cases 2012-2016 in Latacunga, in Cotopaxi.

A journalistic team from EL UNIVERSO was in the Manglaralto Judicial Unit, but Moscoso was not in his office, officials said. He was consulted by telephone regarding the reasons for his decision; he initially said that he would not speak so that he would not be “decontextualized”. “There is my resolution, if you have any questions I will clarify it for you”.

Javier Moscoso is the judge of the Multicompetent Judicial Unit of Manglaralto, in the province of Santa Elena, which on April 9 granted ‘habeas corpus’ to former Vice President Jorge Glas. Stock Photo Photo: The Universe

In the sentence you say that “inhuman and degrading treatment” could be verified against the former president in jail. But the reports referred to Glas’s health condition, the mistreatment that he points out was not verified…

Read the sentence. And if you don’t agree, there is a regular body, the secretariat (he didn’t specify what)…

You do not believe that another more effective precautionary measure could have been imposed on him, such as the electronic shackle, because it is not known exactly where Mr. Glas is…

I cannot reply to those opinions. Call politicians, assembly members, they can give you opinions.

There are political sectors that question the speed with which the case was resolved…

He hung up the call without answering.

Days ago, in an interview with the channel EcuavisaMoscoso indicated: “It is embarrassing for me, as a jurisdictional authority, to hear representatives of State powers refer to me in a derogatory manner.”

He added that he could take legal action, but that he would not do so because he is in charge of a jurisdictional office that is multi-competent. For that reason, “I don’t care what they’re saying about my personal life,” he said.

The jurist has been in that judicial unit for four years, according to the records of the Judicial Council. (I)

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