Julia and Eric Roberts, Coto and Kiko Matamoros… Brothers who can’t stand each other

The Anthony Ciccone’s deathat the age of 66, has returned to the front pages the problematic relationship he had with his famous sister, Madonna, whom he reproached for never having helped him. Anthony became famous leaving the artist back and a half in the press, like so many brothers with toxic relationships whose dirty laundry has been aired around the world. Here we review some of those controversies.

Charles and Andrew of England: two princes, two destinies

The current British king grew up in the shadow of a mother who was a global icon he was destined to succeed and an overbearing father he was never “mash” enough for. On the contrary, his brother Andrés was the result of a reconciliation between the queen and her husband and became Elizabeth’s favourite. He felt more popular, pleasant and handsome than Carlos, but his destiny was not to reign and it hurt him that those “talents” were wasted. His surrender to a life of luxury has always infuriated the king who is now stripping him of some of his privileges.

Carlos is leaving his brother without some of his privileges.

Madonna and Anthony Ciccone: tragedies and addictions

The death of their mother when Madonna was 5 years old and Anthony 7 marked them forever. The eldest of eight siblings—six from his father’s first wife and two from his second—he was a carpenter, and when he lost his job and his family left him, he began working in his father’s vineyards. The worst for an alcoholic. Although his sister insisted on paying for detoxification treatments, he refused, but said: “I am a shame for her, who lives in her bubble.” In 2018, Anthony finally accepted help from his family and resumed his relationship with Madonna.

Madonna’s brother just passed away.

Isa and Kiko Pantoja: an emotional roller coaster

The children of Isabel Pantoja one day they love each other madly and, the next, they blame each other for everything. When she turned 18, Isa, who became a mother that same year, began touring sets revealing that, according to her, the singer did not treat her the same as her brother because she was adopted and, when they argued, she told her to go with her Babysitter, Sweet.

Kiko tried to mediate, but supported Isabel more and when his wife, Irene Rosales, got in the way, Isa exploded against everyone. Then, the tortilla turned completely and now it is Kiko who is distanced from the artist and Isa from her who, half reconciled with her, try to close positions with relative success… for now.

Kiko and Isa P are increasingly distanced.

Eric and Julia Roberts: estranged by brotherly and professional jealousy

When Julia Roberts became “America’s sweetheart” thanks to ‘Pretty Woman’his brother Eric, who is 11 years older, already had a consolidated career, with 15 films and an Oscar nomination.

Julia’s success did not sit well with him and, in interviews, she lost her nerve if they asked her about her. Her addiction to her drugs blew up her career, her relationship with her sisters, and her marriage, to the point that Julia helped her sister-in-law gain custody of her niece. she, also actress Emma Roberts.

Over time, Eric rehabilitated himself, returned to the cinema, reconciled with his family and recognized that, at that time, “it was exhausting to spend time with me. I complained and blamed everything on others.”

Eric and Julia Roberts have managed to reconcile.

Coto and Kiko Matamoros: a deep hatred that came to light 30 years ago

In the 90’s, these twins became famous for the photos of Alessandro Lequio with Mar Flores, when she was Fernández Tapias’s girlfriend. Coto says that they were paid 40 million pesetas, but that he, who bore the brunt of the operation, only received one.

Then, they started airing their hatred for each other and their “business” on the sets until Coto, who was in jail for not paying maintenance, fled to Thailand to avoid another sentence. Currently, while Kiko is still “entrenched” as a commentator on Telecinco, he alternates with far-rightists and the two hate each other from a distance.

Coto and Kiko Matamoros do not seem to be going to speak again.

José María and Nacho Cano: the fight between their egos ended with Mecano

The eldest of the Canos wanted to pursue a career as a singer-songwriter and a techno-pop group came out with his then girlfriend, Ana Torroja, and her little brother, Nacho, who soon gained prominence as the author of the most “dancing” songs by Mecano.

Hurt and with other musical aspirations, José María wanted to leave the group, but, in 1986, his songs ‘Cruz de navajas’, ‘It costs me so much to forget you’ and ‘Hijo de la luna’ they prevailed over Nacho’s pop, who in order not to lose prominence flew with harnesses at his concerts.

The fights between them were huge, they say they reached the physical, and Ana suffered as a mediator. In 1998, José María announced that he was leaving and Mecano died.

The Canos brothers with Ana Torroja.

The Martínez de Irujo brothers: the duchess’s legacy aggravated their differences

Cayetano is very hurt with his older brother.

Following the death of Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart in 2014, his favorite son was removed from the management of the House of Alba and expelled from the palace of Liria, your home. So, she published some memoirs in which she criticized her older brothers, Carlos, Alfonso and Jacobo, and praised the younger ones, Fernando and Eugenia, but none of them liked that she aired their lives and she also distanced herself from him.

Although, in theory, they reconciled, now, Cayetano affirms that Fernando is his soul brother; that with Eugenia, she gets along well; With Carlos, the current duke, she has a cordial but cold relationship; and with Alfonso and Jacobo they don’t talk.

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