Julia Chacon, expert in nutritional cosmetics: “Collagen is the supplement we all have to take from the age of 25”

Collagen is a very important protein for health and is present in 70% of skin composition. It is responsible for our strong and hydrated skin, but after the age of 25 our ability to produce it decreases. Therefore, it is necessary to take it as a supplement, but not just anyone will be able to do this. Julia Chacon, founder of Luxmatic, explains to us that “Collagen has a high molecular weight, that is, it is composed of very large molecules that cannot cross the intestinal barrier, and therefore cannot get to where our body needs it. Requires, in this case, the deepest layers of our skin. That’s why it’s important to choose collagen. Hydrolyzed, such as Verisol, Which has been proven to be able to cross the intestinal barrier and reach the skin.

Collagen supplements should be taken from the age of 25

Julia Chacon, Founder of Luxematic.

Why take supplements?
We are becoming increasingly aware of the need to address dietary deficiencies. The Japanese are the people who take the most nutritional supplements.
And, specifically, why collagen?
It accounts for 25% of our structural proteins, the most important in our body. As time passes the production decreases. For example, by age 60, our endogenous collagen production decreases by approximately -35%. This translates into loss of firmness, wrinkles… which is why it is important to supplement the diet. This is also important for hair.
What is collagen?
It is a series of amino acids with an unusual structure. It is also important for hair and connective tissues.
How do we know that collagen reaches the skin?
We are able to absorb 5% of the collagen we eat if it is not hydrolyzed because it is a very large molecule. Among hydrolyzed collagen, not all of them are valid, they must be efficacy study, Collagen passes through the digestive tract and when it reaches the intestine, if it is hydrolyzed (which is nothing more than breaking the molecule into smaller pieces), it is absorbed. For example, Verisol Collagen has been shown to be 100% absorbed into the skin. That is, it activates the production of its own collagen and makes the skin denser again.
Does dosage matter?
What matters is that it is bioavailable, meaning the body absorbs it. With Verisol Collagen, a daily dosage of two and a half grams is sufficient.
How do I know if I need it?
It is necessary to take it from the age of 30. You have to send a message to the fibroblasts to produce collagen and this is achieved with supplements.
Marine, Vegetarian, Bovine Origin…
is collagen A protein of animal origin. There is no such thing as vegan collagen, they are phyto-extracts rich in amino acids, the body recognizes them and we boost our own production. For me beef is better Because pigs are the animal that physically most resembles humans.
Pill, powder, drinkable… which one is best?
At Luxmatic we sell it in liquid form because it has been proven to be better absorbed. But capsule formulas don’t have to be bad. The ideal is to have an expert recommend it and see that it is patented.
What does the complete collagen formula look like?
Our Pro-Age formula contains a cocktail of hyaluronic acid, vitamins and antioxidants along with lycopene, vitamin C, resveratrol… all of which are great companions to the collagen formula.
When to take it?
Generally the ideal is before breakfast every day.
you should rest?
You can take it for life. You have to be disciplined and take it throughout the year or at least twice a year for three consecutive months.

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