Julia Fox is ready for a relationship with Yi, but who is she?

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Brand new wardrobe, private photo shoot: Julia Fox is fully prepared by Yi for her future as his girlfriend. The rapper and actress have been on a few dates and it looks like the relationship is getting serious. In the Netherlands, the name of Julia Fox did not sound immediately, but she was engaged in her film career for a long time.

The half-Italian, half-American Fox was born on February 2, 1990 in Milan, Italy. At a young age he moved to New York, where he had a turbulent childhood. By the time she was seventeen, she barely survived an overdose. At the same time, she began her “acting career”: she works as a teacher. She later said that the role-playing game she had to play to excite men at the time set the stage for her acting career.

Fox can do anything: besides acting, she is a stylist, she writes and has a with He directed his own film. She has a knitwear line with her friend, whom Iggy Azalea and Lindsay Lohan adore, and writes columns for various outlets. In 2015 she is a model for play boy She is the author of two books on photography: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in a Symptoms of a deteriorating relationship: Heartburn / nausea.

Creativity is also reflected in the materials Fox uses in its designs. For example, I created a media gallery called Giulia Volpe, which shows paintings he drew with his own blood. “You must see your pain as your gift. If you can turn something very negative into something very positive, you are doing well. “

Movie buffs might know Fox from her role in Uncut precious stones. In the famous film starring Adam Sandler, Fox can be considered his mistress. This role is perfect for her: Fox is a good friend of one of the directors and the role was written especially for her. It was her first major role and earned her a lot of praise.

Besides being an actress, writer, director and artist, Fox is also a mother. On January 17, 2021, she became the proud mother of her son Valentino. In 2018 she married pilot Peter Armiev, who is also Valentino’s father, but they have been separated for a long time.

Ye hasn’t officially divorced Kim Kardashian yet, but she has already given Fox the usual introduction to her life. The rapper helped shape his (potential) partners exactly to his liking: Kardashian’s clothing style changed dramatically when he bought her a new wardrobe. Looks like he’s planning the same thing at Fox now.

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