Julia Roberts admits she’s ‘giddy’ over the fact that her kids are starting college


Julia Roberts has revealed that having two of her children go to college leaves her feeling “woozy”.

The Notting Hill actress, 54, and her husband Danny Moder, 53, have three children together: twins Hazel and Finn, 17, and the youngest, Henry, 14.

Both twins are now ready to embark on higher education which, despite being a proud moment for the parents, is something Julia is struggling to come to terms with.

Speaking about her children’s life milestone, the Hollywood star also admitted that she wished she was lucky enough to have had the privilege of going to college.

Julia and her husband have three children: twins Hazel and Finn, 17, and the youngest, Henry, 14 (Image: Instagram/modermoder) Read more related articles Read more related articles

She told Extra: “I mean, I get a little dizzy. You say that, I mean, I’m completely stoked for them. It’s really exciting and I wasn’t lucky enough to have a college experience.”

“’And to see how it’s happening to them is really fascinating. And yes, I’m excited for them.”

Julia and her family currently reside in San Francisco after she and her husband bought and moved into an $8.3m (£6.3m) Victorian home in the Presidio Heights neighborhood during the pandemic.

Julia said she plans to stay in San Francisco despite admitting that she will miss her children dearly when they leave for college.

Explaining the pandemic move, the Pretty Woman actress said she was forced to find a home that was away from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles.

Julia added that she will miss Finn and Hazel very much (Image: Instagram/modermoder)

“We always felt like we were living outside of Los Angeles. I think the move has been great. I think moving in with three teenagers during a pandemic isn’t for the faint of heart, but we’ve pulled it off and everyone seems fine and happy,” she said.

Julia has had many ups and downs in her love life over the years, but now she has found lasting love with cameraman Daniel.

The lovebirds got married and became mr and mrs on July 4, 2002 at their ranch in Taos, New Mexico.

The couple celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary this year, with Julia paying a gushing tribute to her boyfriend on Instagram.

“18 years old #heckyes,” she captioned an adorable photo of her planting a kiss on his cheek.

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Read more related articles Read more related articles


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