Julia Roberts and the dangers she has run recording movies

Being an actress is not an easy profession, although many believe that it is, and that is, although many celebrities have doubles, they have also been in danger shooting movies, and this happened to Julia Roberts.

In the simplest scenes everything can get complicated, or get out of control and on some occasions her life has been at risk without her realizing it.

Julia uses doubles in her films in risk scenes, but sometimes things happen when least expect it.

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The dangers that Julia Roberts has run recording movies

An artifact from the set almost fell on his head.

When the actress was recording the series homecoming in the 2018was about to suffer an accident, but she was saved by one of her companions.

Julia was filming a scene with Shea Whigham when the actor realized that a flag (common on filming to control the impact of sunlight) was detaching from its base and almost fell on the actress.

It started flying towards her head and at that point I still didn’t know her but I had to jump and cover her which was kind of weird. She was like, ‘What the hell?’ and then she saw the flag on the ground, ” Whigham explained.

Julia thanked him for his heroic work and said “He really saved my life, he saved me a trip to the hospital.”

He almost touched a jellyfish

During the filming of his most recent film with George Clooney, Ticket to Paradise, the actress was at about to die when touching a jellyfish.

Julia was going to touch something she thought was a seashell, but it was actually a jellyfish, which could have caused her death.

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“Everything in there is trying to kill you! I went to touch something that I thought was a seashell and someone said, ‘No! Don’t touch it, it’s something that will really kill you. More like a ticket to the hospital than a ticket to paradise. Julia Roberts confessed in an interview.

And it was precisely his partner and friend, George Clooney who saved his life on this occasion and warned him that he could die if he touches her or gets into the water with them.

This has made the actress a little more careful, and fortunately nothing bad has ever happened to her on set, she has only been scared.

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