Julia Roberts and the movies that make her shine on Netflix

Julia Roberts has been drawing sighs since the 80s. The actress has proven that she is one of the brightest stars in Hollywood. America’s girlfriend, as she is also known, is one of those actresses who never go out of style.

Roberts, 54, has played the most varied characters in genres ranging from comedy to serious drama. Also featured as the most expensive smile in Hollywood, she has gone from unforgettable characters in romantic comedies like “Pretty Woman” (1990) to action stories and dramatic films.

The blockbuster “Pretty Woman” is not one of her best films, but it was the film that catapulted her to world fame at just 23 years old. A free version of the story of «Cinderella».

Due to her talent and beauty, we bring you five films by Julia Roberts for you to enjoy through the popular platform.

“Eat Pray Love”

Fall in love every second with this production. According to the official Netflix synopsis, after her divorce, Liz Gilbert (Roberts) decides to rebuild her life. Thus, she embarks on a journey around the world in search of good food, spirituality and true love.

The 2010 story is an adaptation of the autobiographical and homonymous novel by Elizabeth Gilbert, chosen by “The New York Times” as one of the hundred relevant books of 2006. In general terms, the film follows the line of the novel, the plot quite similar, but in a sweetened and more digestible version. In addition to Julia, the production includes the participation of James Franco and Javier Bardem.


Between romantic comedies, Roberts also caused emotion with “Stay by my side”, as this production was titled in Latin America. The tape hit the screen in the late 90s, and there Julia plays a photographer, Isabel, who falls in love with a divorced man with two children (Ed Harris).

The two little ones are not going to welcome Isabel very well and will do everything possible to push her away, while trying to reconcile their mother, Jackie (Susan Sarandon), with her father. The film will show how Julia tries to win over the two children and show them that she did not manage to take her place from her mother.

“Mirror Mirror”

It’s a slightly different version of the story. Starring Lily Collins as Snow White and Armie Hammer as Prince Andrew, it casts the Oscar-winning star as the evil stepmother who reigns rather than a young heiress.

In this updated version of the tale, the stepmother is moved not by vanity, but rather by power. The dwarfs do not work looking for diamonds in the mine, but they are highway robbers, who steal from the rich to give to the poor. In this adaptation there is also a beast in the forest and the relationship between the stepmother, Snow White and the prince is the focus of much of the film.


“Wonder”, its original title, was one of the most popular Netflix productions in 2017. It tells the moving story of Auggie Pullman (Jacob Tremblay), a ten-year-old boy who was born with a facial deformity. After undergoing 27 surgeries and numerous hospital stays over a decade, Auggie now has to face a new challenge: attending school for the first time. His parents, Isabel (Julia Roberts) and Nate (Owen Wilson) support Auggie in this new challenge while he will do everything possible to be accepted among his new classmates and teachers, showing that despite his physique he is a child like any other.

“Valentine’s Day”

The film tells interconnected stories. Here Julia is part of an ensemble cast made up of Jessica Alba (Morley), Kathy Bates (Susan), Jessica Biel (Kara), Bradley Cooper (Holden), Jamie Foxx (Kelvin), Jennifer Garner (Julia), Anne Hathaway (Liz ), Ashton Kutcher (Reed), Emma Roberts (Grace), Topher Grace (Jason), Taylor Lautner (Willy), Ween Latifah (Paula), and Taylor Swift.

Robertsa plays Kate, an Army officer flying from Iraq to Los Angeles. On the plane she meets someone who has to resolve some issues, Bradley Cooper, the owner of a flower shop.

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