Julia Roberts and the perfect shoes to wear with a skirt

at age 54 Julia Roberts enjoy fashion. She is not a fashion victim desperate to follow the latest trends at any cost. But she does allow herself to play, have fun, bet on combinations that are out of the expected. And she succeeds with flying colors. In this case Julia Roberts have the footwear perfect flat to wear with a skirt. Many times one imagines that to wear a skirt it is necessary to wear shoes with stiletto heels. But if you want to give it a more relaxed and youthful style, you should bet on these low shoes that will be incredible.

Although she usually wears looks in more neutral tones, she also likes to bet on color. Like in this case. “The actress wears a Stella Jean outfit consisting of a shirt and midi skirt. Both pieces stand out for their print with very striking Hawaiian motifs that express joy and optimism”, explains designer and stylist Nacho Herdt @nachoherdt.


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