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Actress Julia Roberts celebrated Mother’s Day by sending a strong message about motherhood and stressed that it is a personal decision that should not be imposed on any woman, thus defending the rights of women who decide not to have children.

Julia Roberts defends women who do not want children

The ‘Eat, pray, love’ actress shared a photo with her mother to celebrate her day and wrote:

“Happy mothers day. That we be mothers when we want, when we want and IF we want.

This message is a response to the threat facing the right to abortion in the United States after the High Court decided to repeal this law in force since 1973.

Julia Roberts supported the right of women to decide on their motherhood, as well as thousands of celebrities who raised their voices to protest against this setback of women’s reproductive rights.

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Since the news was released, thousands of women have protested and argued that denying the right to abortion implies denying human rights. such as the right to personal autonomy, health and even the right to life.

In addition to criminalizing the right to abortion does not mean eliminating it, since women who find themselves in the need to abort will do so illegally, putting their lives at risk.

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Julia She is married to Daniel Moder and is the mother of four children. Although being a mother was an important decision in her life for her and she even decided to move away from Hollywood for several years to take care of her children, she has shown her support for women’s rights.

In an interview with The New York Times, Julia said that her priority for many years has been her family and assured that she currently considers herself a housewife.

“I also had three children in the last 18 years. That raises the bar even higher, because then it’s not just about how good the material is, there’s also the mathematical equation of my husband’s work schedule, school schedule, and the kids’ summer vacation. It’s not just, “oh, I think I want to do this”

Staying at home with his family and saying goodbye to the red carpets and the spotlight does not cause him any regrets, On the contrary, the famous claims to be proud of her work as a mother and as a partner of her husband Daniel Moder.

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Now that her children are older, she can return to her acting career without feeling like she is wasting time with them., because she has already seen them grow and mature, something that fills her with pride. On her part, her husband has also shown her love for her children through social networks.

Previously, The 52-year-old cinematographer posted a photo on social media and thanked his children for helping him navigate fatherhood. The photo showed the teen smiling while wearing a Wonder Woman t-shirt and eating her breakfast. Her brother appears next to her wearing a sweater of the same heroine. Hazel’s smile is reminiscent of her mother’s gestures.

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