Julia Roberts reveals her strange beauty secret for Cannes

She is not a regular on the Cannes red carpet, but when Julia Roberts appears, there is always something to highlight. In her debut at the Film Festival of the mythical French city in 2016, the actress joined the movement already known as ‘heelgate’ (going barefoot in breach of protocol in protest at the chauvinist attitudes of the organization). And six years later she has returned making it clear that there is no one to beat her in daring and elegance.

The Oscar-winning actress, who has broken the barriers of age in the mecca of cinema, walked through the croissant with simple outfits with which he once again made it clear that the strict protocol requirements that govern the label do not go with it. Julia showed off her figure and wasted glamor with a spectacular jumpsuit from Louis Vuitton inspired by a tailcoat, which he paired with black stiletto sandals and a stunning Chopard necklace.

Julia Roberts with an 'outfit' worthy of a star.  gtres
Julia Roberts with an ‘outfit’ worthy of a star. gtres

Although the star appearance is minutes, preparations to look perfect usually take days. She is ‘America’s sweetheart’ and, after three decades of career, she still looks amazing. She has a figure that arouses passions, a highly coveted complexion and mile-long legs that continue to be the envy of half the world.

Julia Roberts switches to light therapy

Far from the posture that stepping on the red carpet entails, Julia Roberts has shared with her almost ten million followers on Instagram, what is your beauty secret to rest your skin after the hustle and bustle of putting on makeup and spending several hours exposed to the flashes of photographers that cover this event that is so important for international cinema.

Leaving aside that halo of glamor that is supposed to accompany the members of the star systemm, the protagonist of beautiful woman has revealed in a story how he survives Cannes. The image draws attention as the actress appears lying on the ground with a mask on her face.

Julia Roberts has switched to light therapy to take care of her skin.  @juliaroberts
Julia Roberts has switched to light therapy to take care of her skin. @juliaroberts

This is the Aduro face mask. The latest in skin care for home use and which is based, according to the official website, on the technique light therapy. A clinically proven led light therapy containing up to 11 different treatments for all skin types.

Among its benefits, the slowing down of the aging process stands out; prevention of wrinkles; the stimulation of cellular rejuvenation, as well as the improvement of skin tone. The recommendation made by experts for its usefulness to be effective as soon as possible is to use it for 20 minutes every day for a month.

Once the skin has improved, its use can be gradually reduced to several times a week in order to maintain the benefits of light therapy. Its use is simple, first you will have to thoroughly cleanse the skin, then place the mask on the face, and choose the treatment. Less than half an hour to relax and take care of the skin for 298 eurosa method Julia Roberts has been using since March.

Other beauty tips

a month ago both her makeup artist and her hairdresser put on the table the interpreter’s tricks My best friend’s Wedding to look spectacular both at a premiere, and in your day to day when you are not shooting. It was the magazine People the architect of discovering their beauty tipsafter having chosen her for the fourth time, the cover of the special ‘The most beautiful’.

Nothing to spend large sums on cosmetics and beauty treatments in exclusive salons in Los Angeles. According to Julia, everything is as simple as have good dental hygiene, be prepared before your children, and leave everything related to your hair changes to the professionals.

Julia Roberts prefers simple makeup.  gtres
Julia Roberts prefers simple makeup. gtres

His hairdresser, Serge Normant, has said that the Hollywood star it takes no more than two hours to prepare, even when it’s Oscar night. “Julia thinks that you have to be comfortable, that you have to have fun and that is why there is nothing artificial about her,” acknowledges the stylist.

For her part, Genevieve, her trusted make-up artist, has revealed that she prefers to wear a ‘washed face’ make-up, for which she uses a tinted moisturizer instead of a make-up base and then applies cream blush. She doesn’t need anything else, since “she has amazing skin”. To finish your make up use smudged eyeliner, two coats of mascara, and a natural lip shade that isn’t “too bright.” It is obvious that she does not need anything else. Her thing is genetics and leading healthy lifestyle habits.

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