Julia Roberts shows different youthful looks with a black blazer

There are garments that are a true wild card, that allow you to create different looks by combining them in different ways. Without a doubt, in that ranking of garments that, yes or yes, you have to have the blazer black. And far from thinking that if you are over 50 you can only wear it in formal and classic looks, at 54 Julia Roberts shows how to wear youthful options and cancheras with the blazer classic black

casual with jeans

This combination never fails. The blazer black can help you “lift” a proposal with jeans. You can make your casual wear look sharp by adding a black suit jacket. Easily match your casual outfits. In this case Julia Roberts choose a black t-shirt with a print, and a blazer black with tuxedo lapel. It is perfect with dark blue jeans, or also black. The footwear will depend on what occasion you wear this look, you can make it even more relaxed and hip with sneakers or boots, or more chic with stilettos.


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