Julia Roberts shows trendy coats with youthful style

The coats they are much more than a garment that helps us cope with cold temperatures. They are a fashion item that can help you define your style and complete your look. Choose the coat ideal is key. And it is worth daring to bet on a proposal that is a little away from the classic cuts and colors. at age 54 Julia Roberts shows what are the coats trend that you can wear with youthful style.


This multicolored trench coat worn by Julia Roberts is perfect for breaking away from the monochrome of more sober outfits.

East coat multicolored trench type that looks Julia Roberts It is perfect to break with the monochrome of more sober outfits. It definitely adds a touch of color and decontracts any proposal. This is not the coat basic that you may be used to, but it can surely add a youthful touch to the look, perfect for women over 50. With horizontal stripes that cover a wide color palette that goes from fuchsia to green. With the contribution of this coat you do not need anything else, in fact Julia He combines it with a classic black sweater and aviator sunglasses.

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