Julia Roberts wears the look with shorts that she wore in the 90s

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    Julia Roberts was not only the sweetheart of America in the 90s, she was also a true style icon capable of making certain clothes and silhouettes fashionable. And nothing better than looking at her photos from decades ago to confirm that fashion is cyclical. Now, she herself has been in charge of rescuing a trend with which she already triumphed in the 90s: Bermuda shorts.

    The actress attended last Monday night the world premiere in New York of the series Gaslit, in which he shares the screen with Sean Penn. And far from betting on a party dress or the tailored suit that reigns in the wardrobe of celebrities this season, she took it upon herself to revisit one of her iconic looks in beautiful womanthe movie that inspired the wardrobe of an entire generation.

    That silhouette bermuda suit oversized in tile color that set a trend after the premiere of the film returns three decades after the hand of the same protagonist, but in a version that includes some of the microtrends of this season, like the mix&match checkered pattern and the jacket with marked shoulder pads.

    Julia Roberts

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    Julia opted for a three-piece suit from Gucci with a gray crossed blazer with powerful shoulders, checkered shorts in shades of gray and beige, a houndstooth vest and a white shirt. The actress completed look cwith black pumps and a butterfly brooch on the lapel of the blazer.

    Julia Roberts

    Taylor HillGetty Images

    Julia Roberts

    Walt Disney Pictures

    An look with which the actress confirms the return of the most summery version of the tailored suit, combining the blazer with shorts. Her bet becomes the perfect combo both to go to the office and to go out at night with the right accessories.

    A style that is available in firms such as El Corte Inglés, which is committed to this set of paintingsan infallible choice that works perfectly as two pieces, but that also gives a lot of play separately, combining the jacket with jeans and the shorts with basic cleavage shirts halter.


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