Julián Álvarez, the number he chose in Manchester City, who advised him and the praise for Lionel Messi

Julian Alvarez He arrived in Manchester this Friday, a city where on Sunday he will be presented as a new City player, the team led by the Spaniard Pep Guardiola. The former River striker, 22, gave the first interview for the social networks of his new club and described Leo Messi of “hero”. In addition, he revealed that he spoke with three other Argentine soccer players about his new destination: wilfred knight, Nicholas Otamendi Y Sergio “Kun” Aguero, a legend at the Etihad Stadium. He also told the reason why He chose number 19, which he will wear from this season and for the next five.

Hi Manchester. Come on, City!”, were the first two words in English of the Cordovan striker for his new club. In any case, he confessed that he speaks little of the language that he will have to learn to function in the city that will be his home. “The truth is that I am very happy to come here. As a boy I always dreamed of playing in Europe, in big clubs, in the best leagues. Being here today is a privilege.”Alvarez confessed.

He also said that he spoke with Guardiola, his new coach and one of those most responsible for the transfer of the Argentine, finalized in February: “I had the chance to talk to Pep Guardiola in February, when the signing thing happened. He welcomed me to the club and was happy that I was part of the City project. I think he is one of the best coaches in the world. He has been in great clubs in the world, the best, the elite. I hope to be available to continue growing as a footballer and as a person”, he hoped..

Before traveling, Álvarez also learned about his new club and the city of Manchester in conversations with other Argentine footballers. “I had the opportunity to speak with Willy Caballero, I spoke a little with Kun and also a little with Otamendi, that we are teammates of the national team, ”said the former River scorer. And he added, about the talk with Agüero: “We all know how important Kun was in the club. What it means for the world also as a player. Also in the Argentine team. I had the opportunity to speak and he told me a little about the city, about the teammates, about Manchester City in general. I’m very excited about what’s to come”.

Álvarez also recounted what it means Leo Messiand the importance in his career of having been able to share a locker room and a team with the captain of the Argentine national team: “I admired Messi a lot. He has been my idol since I was very young. From the whole family, from my brothers too. Messi is a hero for me.”confessed the brand new reinforcement of Manchester City, who will be presented to the fans next Sunday, along with the Norwegian Erling HalandEnglish Calvin Phillips and the german Stefan Ortega. About the Flea, she added: “It is a dream come true to have met him and play with him. He had dreamed of playing for the national team or sharing a locker room with him since he was a child. Having achieved this at 22 makes me very proud, happy…and to continue for more”.

He also referred to what it means to take the leap from River a Manchester City; from Argentine football to premier league: “It is a big change. It has similarities with what happened to me all this time. Being in one of the biggest clubs in America to move to one of the biggest in Europe…there are many things that are similar”. And regarding the position in which he will move on the field of play, Álvarez pointed out: “I have played in different positions. I feel comfortable playing free. I can do it outside or inside. Being inside I have had to reach the goal more, due to a question of distance in relation to the goal “.

In addition, the footballer who was nicknamed in River “Spider” He was excited about the possibility of playing a classic in his new city against Manchester United: “I’m happy for the Manchester classic. As I said, one always has dreams, tries to reach the maximum. The River-Boca classic, because of what it means in South America… The Manchester classic, because of what it means on a world level, it’s going to be very nice to be able to be there”.

In his first contact with the club, the forward of the Argentine national team, who dreams of the Qatar World Cupry defined himself as a “calm, familiar, intelligent and reserved” person, he also explained why he chose the jersey number 19: “I think that of those that were available, I have been using the 9 and I wanted that number to be there. It is also an important date: the 19th was my grandmother’s birthday.”.

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