Julián Araujo was close to being an América player Halftime

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América is still looking for a right-back, and the defender from los angeles galaxy, Julian Araujo It was one of the options that the board of directors handled for Fernando Ortiz and that did please the coaching staff at first, but the contract did not manage to reach a good port.

Halftime was able to learn that the negotiations between the Eagles and the picture of the MLS they arrived at a good port, but the player was the one who ended up bringing everything down when he changed his mind about his financial claims.

Faced with this situation, the Americanist group decided to end the negotiation and look elsewhere, and it is that they do not want to make such long contracts, nor as expensive as they wanted to change the Mexican American.

It must be remembered that with the change in the regulation, Araujo I was not going against as a foreigner for the MX Leagueand it is that the regulation stipulates that just having the Mexican passport by birth and having been created far from the basic forces of the teams in Mexicono longer counted as a foreigner.

Reinforcement on the side, a real Via Crucis

The directive of America has not been able to find a right-back for the cream-blue squad in the Closing 2023and is that his first option was Diego Barbosa of Atlasbut the high cost of his letter made them turn to see Araujo and now Kevin Alvarezwho also has a fairly high value.

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