Julianne Moore watched a stranger give birth for nine months

Oh baby.

Julianne Moore watched a stranger give birth in preparation for her role in Chris Columbus’s 1995 romantic-comedy Nine months, The Oscar winner told this anecdote during Wednesday’s episode Jimmy Kimmel Live!Explaining to the late-night host that research methodology dates back to long before she welcomed her children with her filmmaker husband Bart Freundlich.

“I actually witnessed a live birth,” Moore said. “Somebody let me watch her give birth!”

“Do you know that person?” Kimmel asked.

“Well, no,” Moore replied. “She was great. Production found her and she agreed to talk to me about being pregnant and what it was like. And then when she went into labor, they called me and I was there with her husband. Was there.”

“I learned,” she added. “I came there to learn, man.”

Moore said that she and the new mother remained in touch for some time after filming, although she did not keep in touch with the child. “The kid will be like, ‘What the fuck? I didn’t know you were there!'” she quipped. “That was an unusual experience.”

The actress starred in the rom-com alongside Hugh Grant, a playboy who is crippled by his fear of commitment when he learns that his girlfriend (Moore) is pregnant. The late Robin Williams played Moore’s bumbling gynecologist onscreen.

Julianne Moore and Hugh Grant in ‘Nine Months’.

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Moore’s anecdote came as he shared some of his research for his latest film may december (In select theaters November 17). In the Todd Haynes drama, Moore plays a woman named Gracie who has a scandalous relationship with a 13-year-old boy, Joe (Charles Melton). Twenty years after being jailed for a romance that hit the gossip pages, Gracie and Joe got married and have a life together, sharing three children. But when a Hollywood actress, played by Natalie Portman, approaches them to make a film about their past, the couple comes under pressure.

“My character is a baker so I got to go into a bakery and talk to someone about baking and watch them make a cake,” Moore told Kimmel. “I also arrange flowers so I went to a florist. So I’m looking for someone who can take over my role.”

“Very meta,” Kimmel quipped.

Watch Moore’s full interview above.

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