Julio Alemán: This was the tragic end of the Golden Cinema heartthrob who became a murderer for defending his wife

Throughout his extensive and successful artistic career July German He starred in a large number of films within the Mexican cinema, however, none of the scenes he did was as impressive as the day he he had to become a murderer to defend his wife in real lifeso on this occasion we will remember what this dark moment in the actor’s life was like, in addition, we will make a brief tour of his artistic career and we will tell you What was his tragic end?

Julio Mendez Germanwas born on November 29, 1933 in Morelia, Michoacán, however, it is known that he spent most of his life in Mexico City where he was academically trained, it is worth mentioning that until now it is unknown how the taste of Julio Alemán for the performance, however, He decided to drop out of university to give flight to his true vocation and that is how his career in theater began. in the early 1950s.

Julio Alemán was always characterized by his elegance and neatness in front of the cameras. Photo: Special

The first formal experiences of July German were in the theater, however, almost naturally made the leap to television and then to the big screen where he managed to participate in a few films of the so-called Golden Age of Mexican Cinema where in a short time he managed to consolidate himself as one of the top galans of the moment starring in several productions at the same time.

Once the 1960s began, Julio Alemán was consolidated as the fashion heartthrob and since then he has only dedicated himself to achieving success, both professionally and personally, since it was at this time that he met Hope for Peace Gotes Martínez “Goru”, the only and great love of the actor with whom he would remain married until the end of his days.

Julio Alemán had to kill a criminal to defend his wife

At the end of the year 1970, July German He was recording the movie called “El Ídolo”, however, in the middle of recording he returned home to pick up a shirt he needed for the aforementioned tape, however, he was very surprised when he entered his house because he was surprised at your room to two thieves who had threatened his wife to demand that she hand over all valuables.

Julio Aleman had a truly successful career. Photo: Special

The scene was full of tension, however, the actor’s wife took advantage of an oversight of the criminals and managed to take a firearm that belonged to the actor, who, realizing the situation, took the weapon from him to try to control the situation himself, however, one of the criminals tried to escape and the actor ended up shooting him causing his deathwhat’s more, managed to arrest his accomplicewho was punished according to law.

It is worth mentioning that, Julio Alemán faced justice and never went to jail because it was proven that he acted in self-defense since the criminals threatened the couple with a screwdriver and a stick with nails.

After this unfortunate episode that the actor himself classified as a real “nightmare”, the family was able to resume their life normally and the beloved actor remained in force until practically the end of his life.

Julio Alemán remained active practically until the end of his life. Photo: Special

The last years of the handsome actor’s life were truly complicated because sustained for several months an intense fight against lung cancer, however, an unexpected infection ended up giving him the final blow and He passed away in a Mexico City hospital in April 2012.


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