Julio César Chávez issued a warning to the participants of “The House of Famous 3”

At the beginning of the new season of the reality “The House of the Famous”, the entrance of each of its members was full of emotional moments, in which some were accompanied by loved ones. That was the case of Nicole Chávez, the daughter of Julio César Chávez. She also known as Nicky.

But his entry was accompanied by a warning from his father, a famous former world boxing champion.

As revealed, before being part of the cast of the Telemundo production, the former Mexican champion placed a condition on Nicole to agree to her only daughter appearing on television and being part of the program that captures the intimacies of celebrities who enter the the happy house

During the presentation of Nicole Chávez for The House of the Famous 3the actress was accompanied by her parents, Julio Cesar and Miriam Escobarso the second wife of Mr. Knockout was in charge of revealing what was the only rule that he gave Nicole to participate in the reality show.

Because the show records everything its participants do 24 hours a day, and they often share scandalous details, Julio César Chávez does not like these types of imagesespecially when celebrities have scenes of Romance or very intimate.

Because he asked his daughter not to kiss anyone of the participants of the reality showAlthough Nicky Chávez has a boyfriend, the former boxer asked him not to cause a scandal by kissing someone inside the The House of the Famous. It was Miriam Escobar who revealed Chávez González’s request.

When Nicole’s family was at the show’s presentation, the second couple of the former Mexican champion confirmed that is a “jealous dad”for which he prohibited his daughter from kissing to compete.

Nicole’s mom also explained that she talked to her dad and promised “behave” within the program the entire time you are within the realityHe also hinted that he knows how to defend himself thanks to his father’s teaching on boxing.

I already promised that I’m going to behave very wellthat you have nothing to worry about, I bring a very good school of defense and wisdom, so God willing that I do very well, I am very happy, very excited for this opportunity, ”said Nicole.

But Julio César Chávez also took advantage of the space in Telemundo To send a warning to all the participants who will be living with Nicole Chávez, he asked the program drivers for a space to issue a warning, because if someone “misbehaved” with his daughter, he would wait for them outside the set. “A message for those inside: for those who misbehave, I will wait for them outside,” she said.

Faced with such a confession, Nicole was asked if her dad is jealous. “A little,” replied Chávez González.

Nicole is the youngest daughter of the Chávez dynasty, unlike her brothers —Julio and Omar—, she opted for acting and did not continue in sports. She in turn is the youngest contestant of this season of “House of Famous 3”.

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