Julión Álvarez already wants to return to sing in the US

Julian Alvarez He attended a mass celebrating his 15-year career this Monday, with the desire to be able to resume his work in the US, since since he was singled out in 2017 by the United States Department of the Treasury for money launderinghas not been able to resume his concerts there.

“We do not know (when we will work there again), unfortunately that is how it is in Mexico, there the times are not marked, we are still waiting for a favorable resolution but we do not lose faith, it was over!”, he said at the end of the mass officiated in Mexico City.

The artist went to the place without the presence of his wife or his daughters, as he said that it is very difficult to move the times of his girls, but the one who did accompany him was his mother.

“It seems like it was yesterday when we started this project and today we are celebrating 15 years of many achievements, many successes, God knows what tests he puts to each one and I am of the idea that God tests whoever can with them.”


Lessons from Julio

In terms of learning, the list is long, so much so that he prefers not to “lie”, but yes, they have not been easy years, so his main objective when attending mass was simply to thank.

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“You know what you hear, it was to thank you, I feel very lucky, very blessed for everything that I have had to live, now that I live a family life with my daughters, suddenly I go to church.”

As long as the situation in the United States is not resolved, the singer of “Earthly” does not intend to move forward with other proposals that have been made to him, such as producing a series about his life.

“Since we still don’t have the freedoms like any other artist and the tools to be able to spread any material or single, I don’t think it’s time, before the accusations there was already a proposal for a series and after the accusations they told me ‘hey, well the day they release you’, those have been the talks, and through a graduate who has participated in soap operas in Europe in Spain, he gave me an essay he did about a server and I liked it”, he shared with the press.

On March 10, he will celebrate these years of career with a concert at the Tepic Fair, Nayarit.


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