July 4, a leading date in several Hollywood films

July 4, a leading date in several Hollywood films

The independence of the United States is a theme that Hollywood filmmakers have resorted to on countless occasions
The 4th of July is perhaps the most important date for the United States as they celebrate their independence from the British crown; but this historical fact has also gained relevance in the world of cinema, especially in Hollywood.
Different filmmakers and producers have based on this celebration for some of their most important projects, either including it directly or allegorically, but always highlighting the patriotism that exists in American citizens.
“Born on the fourth of July” (“Born on the fourth of July”)
This film from the 1980s stars Tom Cruise, who plays Ron Kovic, a young man who was born on the day of his country’s independence, for which he becomes a patriot at heart; so much so that after finishing school he signs up as a volunteer to go to the Vietnam War with the firm purpose of defending the country from him; but what he finds on the battlefield will call into question everything he ever believed. The film was a success and critics praised Cruz’s performance, which was even nominated for an Oscar. It can be rented in: Prime Video, Claro Video and Apple TV.
“The Patriot” (“The Patriot”)
Headed by Mel Gibson, this period film speaks precisely of the war that the US. had to face to become a free country. In the story, Gibson plays Captain Benjamin Martin, a war veteran who does his best to avoid fighting British soldiers; however, when his eldest son joins the army and another of his sons is killed by the redcoats. It is available on HBO Max.
“Independence Day”
This movie became one of the biggest box office hits for the movie industry. The science fiction story is about the invasion of extraterrestrial beings to our world, just on the eve of the 4th of July. When the governments of several countries have been defeated and exterminated, the only hope for Earth is a plan devised by American experts, who will do anything to save humanity from a terrible fate. Starring Will Smith, Bill Pillman and Jeff Goldblum, it has become a classic and can be seen on Star+.
“Forrest Gump”
Oscar winner and starring Tom Hanks, the story of a young man with different abilities highlights patriotism towards the United States at different times, such as when the protagonist enlists in the army and manages to save the life of one of his superiors, in addition, also touches on sensitive issues such as the anti-war protests that took place in the late 1960s and the physical and mental consequences suffered by some of the soldiers who fought in the war. It can be seen in. HBO Max, Prime Video, Apple TV and on Netflix.
“Yanqui Doodle Dandy” (“The Victory Song”)
This musical film released in 1942 is based on the life of American singer and dancer George M. Cohan, creator of the anthem “Over there”. Although it is a comedy, it is a war propaganda made during the Second World War. The film, in its time, was awarded three Oscars: best actor, best soundtrack and best sound. It is only available for rent on the Prime Video and Apple TV platforms.
“United States: The Movie” (“America: The Motion Picture”)
This Netflix tape exposes what the independence of the United States would have been in an alternate world. The story recounts the odyssey that President George Washington goes through to liberate the country from the British army, recover the declaration of independence, save his wife Martha and avenge the death of his best friend Abraham Lincoln. But to do so, he must recruit rebel activist Sam Adams, scientist Thomas Edison, racist Paul Revere, native chief Geronimo, and blacksmith John Henry. Within the cast, it has great actors such as Channing Tatum, Olivia Munn, Jason Mantzoukas and Andy Samberg.

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