June 21, 1979, Chris Pratt is born


Chris Pratt

American big boy from Minnesota, who in his spare time prefers solo hunting and fishing to spas, pools and Hollywood jet set yachts, Chris Pratt finds himself catapulted into Hollywood after the usual waiter + television apprenticeship: his debut with a significant role in the cinema is quite fortunate, as he gets a small but interesting one, in Moneyball – The art of winning (2011). The film allows him to be noticed: the good Chris, in addition to showing off an athlete’s body, has that slightly awkward comic face that people who do not take themselves seriously have.

Among his works, Zero dark thirty (2012) which chronicles the capture of Osama Bin Laden, and the animated film Lego movie, to which he lends the voice of the protagonist. 2015 is the year of consecration, being the protagonist of two of the most commercially successful blockbusters of recent years, namely the space cinema Guardians of the Galaxy, where he is the cosmic adventurer Peter Quill / Starlord, (role reprized in the next Thor and in the third installment of the saga of GdG), and Jurassic world, a lavish and tense reprise of one of the most profitable franchises in the history of cinema, which will have a third installment in 2022.

Other recurrences

  • 1957, is born Nino D’Angelo, Neapolitan singer and actor
  • 1965, is born Lana Wachowski (Larry before transition), directs and writes with sister Lilly (nee Andy) Matrix And Cloud Atlas
  • 1973, is born Juliette Lewis, actress of Strange days And Natural born killers

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Jacopo Licciardi

Born in Reggello (FI), class of 1973. He has lived in Milan since September 2001, just a few days before the collapse of the Twin Towers. Degree in Law early and wisely placed in a drawer, has always or almost always dealt with Human Resources and Learning (not necessarily together). Passionate about cinema, comics, travel, cats.


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