June and Serena declare war in the trailer for season 5

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The Handmaid’s Tale return the September 15 on HBO Max with its season 5 to show the consequences of the bloody end of the previous installment, in which June took justice into her own hands. Something that, as the trailer reveals, Serena is not willing to forgive.

The ambiguous, complex and volatile relationship between the two characters has been one of the central threads of this story. For four seasons we have seen them treat each other with cruelty, compassion, indifference and even collaborate as allies, but this time, now out of Gilead, Serena will not miss the opportunity to take advantage of her position to place herself in a situation of power and June is not willing to allow it.

But it will not be easy, because in this installment the heroine of this dystopia will have to face the consequences of her last decision with which she has put herself in danger after having escaped from Gilead, becoming the most wanted person and the declared enemy. of the system, “a cancer that needs to be removed”as one of the characters says in the trailer.

Here’s what we can expect from season 5, according to the official synopsis: June deals with the consequences of killing Commander Waterford as she struggles to redefine her identity and purpose. Serena tries to improve her image in Toronto as Gilead’s influence spreads further into Canada. Commander Lawrence works with Nick and Aunt Lydia as he attempts to reform Gilead and rise to power. June, Luke, and Moira battle Gilead from a distance as they continue their mission to save and reunite with Hannah.

In this installment, along with Elisabeth Moss, all the actors we have seen in recurring roles return, with the exception of Alexis Bledelthe actress who played the character of Emily, who announced her departure at the end of the previous one.

‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ premieres September 15 on HBO Max.

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