Junior Álvarez reappears to thank the people

actor and comedian Junior Alvarez He reappeared tonight through his social networks to thank the people for the shows of emotional and economic support in the face of the diagnosis of a cardiovascular deficiency that currently keeps his heart with a 15% function.

“Thank you for your gesture of affection, kindness, support, positive gestures, phrases of encouragement and for your financial support that will allow me to take the space to recover physically to be with you again”, expressed Álvarez through a video.

“It has been very difficult, it has been very hard”said the visibly thinner actor, who, accompanied by his wife Magdaly Cruz, announced that they had reached the goal with the fundraising, so that, with the exception of a charity golf tournament that is pending, they will not be accepting more donations.

This is not a short road, it is not an easy road, I have to get from 15% to 50% the function of my heart and that will take me months, possibly a year. But thanks to you I can take that time for us to achieve that goal. We have almost reached the goal we wanted with the fundraising, that’s why we want to stop all your help right now”, he indicated.

The artist said he hopes to post weekly videos of the progress of his recovery.

“I am going to be posting videos weekly to give you updates on how I am doing, when I start walking, when my treatments start, how the tests are going and above all, How is that percentage going up so that I don’t become a heart transplant candidate, which is what we want to avoid?”.

Finally, Álvarez stressed in the video of about three minutes that “the donations are over, we have practically reached the goal, we only have one activity left, which is a golf tournament what will he be July 16 at Río Bayamón Golf Club”, in Bayamon.

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