Just 4 letters in a chat were enough for him to lose all his EA games. The two men of Apex Legends do not go small when it comes to banishing people – Apex Legends

The user sees how they relied on EA’s behavior policies, even if someone asks

Yes gaming bans I am the sea of ​​curiosity. There are some who wonder about their mistakes, others are curious about what happened, and this seems to be in the middle of the two. An Apex Legends player was banned by Electronic Arts to type “STFU” in the in-game chat. Unfortunately, a logical prohibition, but with unexpected consequences: a bathroom That’s in it real battle if it has been translated into one total ban is all EA games.

Our news is from MeinMMO colleagues in Germany who are looking for it reddit, they brought up the, let’s say, “tragedy” of the THEVAN3D player. According to the comment on the post, the user only wrote “STFU” (call the f*** mouth) in the instructor’s chat, which led to the alert message from his colleagues to EA and the consequent bathroom.

If we look at EA’s rules on its games and platform, updated as of September 2023, the company has made it very clear: “Our games are the place to express your personality freely. But it is not just your space, it is for everyone.” . .Each person leaves a role at the time to help others listen to what is happening. The thing is not acceptable, the intimidationyes threatenthe abuse nothing else harmful behavior towards other people,” reads the company blog.

A complete package for only 4 letters

With this in mind, we returned to the situation we were in here. The player then comments, after this match and receives the confirmation report that he has violated EA policies, in Access to the EA app is now restricted. In fact, in EA’s user terms manual it is mentioned as the game Apex Legends, but the bathroom he brought one total ban of EA services, both games and access to its application.


Given this, many players have cried foul over EA’s decision. We’re headed there EA rulesIf in the event of a negative and unfavorable resolution for the player, the following is specified in detail: “we may limit certain features of your account and cancel activated activated to some or all of the EA Services.

Even if you say that “if you violate the language policy, you shouldn’t lose access to your library because you paid for it”, or you fall into the logic of “you shouldn’t be banned from playing The Sims 3 because you say STFU in Apex”. “, EA’s rules are clear. What we do not know is if the player I was sure of the prohibitions. previous or attention touchessomething that, if certain, could have worsened the situation.

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