‘Just kidding, another meme’: this is how Cubans react to the premiere of the Cuban Presidency on TikTok

Although it is blocked on the Island, The Presidency of Cuba inaugurated on Thursday a profile on the TikTok platform with a video starring Miguel Díaz-Canel and music of “Yankee imperialism”, in yet another step in the conquest of social networks, an increasingly less fertile ground for the regime’s propaganda.

The image of the president in the brief audiovisual material has a theme from the soundtrack of the American film in the background Rocky IIIstarring Sylvester Stallone.

If the government’s communication team tried to show his appointee as the “tough” Rocky Balboa, the shot backfired, as they have shown dozens of comments from Cubans both in the announcement of the premiere on Twitter, and on TikTok itself.

A tweeter identified as La Lechuza wrote: “That song came out as part of the movie Rocky III. In the 4th part of that series, Rocky (USA) fights and wins against Ivan Drago (Soviet). Could it be that they are sending us hidden messages from inside the propaganda machine?

They want to give you a picture cool like Zelenski to the dictator Díaz-Canel, the problem is THAT DICTATORS ARE NEVER COOLthey are only despicable and miserable beings deeply hated by the people they oppress,” said Bittar Barbara.

in the new platform where it also intends to influence the dome of power in CubaDaniel Fajardo Padro, who confused the theme with the soundtrack of another American film, said: “For Díaz-Canel to hold the reins of the country is a Mission Impossible. The theme song is very good.”

Javier Molina wondered: “And why not the music of Raúl Torres?” And David 92 added: “Nah, that in itself is already a meme”.

Many commentators don’t even see it as real and consider it to be a joke.

“More comments than likes, the Diaska competes with Maduro to see who is funnieradded another tiktoker.

“Tell me that your account was hacked because it is very strong,” said another comment.

The premiere of the profile, which elevates the figure of the man who gave “the combat order” in July of last year, takes place a few days after first anniversary of 11J, when thousands of Cubans took to the streets shouting “freedom” and “Díaz-Canel singao”

In the comments of the inaugural video they repeat this phrase over and over again, despite the fact that the regime considered it “disrespect” and sentenced those who shouted it a year ago with sanctions of up to five years in prison.

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