Just like Shakira and Piqué, other singers who dedicated songs to their exes

Shakira recently returned to dedicate one of his musical themes to his ex-partner Gerard Piquéafter the definitive break of their relationship in 2022, the role of monotony’ unlocked the long chronology of songs that he has dedicated to him and just a few days ago the premiere of bizarre‘, in which he did not hesitate and even used words that refer to the name of the soccer player and his current girlfriend with whom he was unfaithful to the Colombian singer.

the interpreter of ‘Blackmail’ She is not the first nor the only one to dedicate heartbreak songs, other artists have used their fame to express their feelings by writing new melodies, taking advantage of their broken heart to not let go of the stage they are living, in AS Mexico We will tell you who the singers have sent hints through their music.

The singer better known as ‘The Sun of Mexico’ is one of the famous music that tops the list of broken loves, and if you know the song ‘Guilty or not’, It has such striking lyrics and it is that when the Puerto Rican was 17 years old he fell in love with a photographer named Mariana Yazbeck, who allegedly cheated on him with the film director Alejandro González Iñárritu, thus giving birth to the classic of classics.

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Rumors with Maluma indicate that one of his most famous songs was dedicated to his ex-partner Natalia Barulich, who is speculated to have cheated on him with the soccer player Neymar Jr. Hawaii, hence the origin of the role.

British singer interpreter of the famous song ‘Rolling in the deep’ He dedicated this song to his ex-partner who hurt him, rumors say that three hours after officially ending their relationship he wrote the song, he first thought of it as a ballad but his producer recommended that he take it to another rhythm.

Born in Santa Barbara, California, she reached her maximum popularity with the song ‘Hot and Cold’ Y ‘You’re so gay’, two songs that she dedicated to her ex-boyfriends, the same ones that were written when she was not yet famous. Katy Perry is one of the singers who has dedicated the most songs to her ex-partners, some others are: Wide Awake, Circle the drain and Ghost.

The American singer joins the list of broken hearts and heartbreak songs that have achieved success, and it is that one of his most popular songs is ‘Cry me a river’ It was dedicated to his ex-girlfriend Britney Spears, with whom he had a three-year relationship many years ago and at the end of their courtship he vented by writing a song for her; in this story it is rumored that it was the Princess of Pop who deceived him.

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