Justice ends with the guardianship of a former American football player who replaced the ‘Um Sonho Possible’ story with a lie. celebrities

The athlete tells his story without any length in ‘A Possible Dream’. The second oher, it’s not, the movie starring Sandra Bullock is nothing more than a mess based on a lie. The receipts generated have also not been distributed properly.

According to the portal, Tutela was started in 2004 yahoo newsKathleen Gomes, the judge responsible for the case, declared that she could not prove that the ruling had been instituted. The magistrate said that, in 43 years of his career, he had never seen this type of guardianship imposed on a person who had no deficiencies.

Michael reported that, when he asked his parents, he thought there were two processes for advocacy. At age 18, he was not informed that he was authorizing his own financial guardianship.

In the hearing held on the sixth day (29), Gomes defined that the case would not be postponed, and the process should continue. The Tuohy family had already indicated that they would not live in the government’s arms as adopted children.

The statement issued by Ohr said, “I am discouraged by the revelations of the ongoing process. This is a difficult situation for me and my family.”

He concluded, “I would like to ask everyone to respect our privacy during this period. So, please note that I have no further comment pending the process.”

According to other newspaper sources, Bullock, who played Lee Anne Tuohy in the film, was praised in the news. The Daily Mail, The informant said, “She hates that such a beautiful story, a wonderful film and a wonderful era of her life has been tainted.”

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