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The timbre of voice Maripaz Sierra It has sounded on various radio stations in Guatemala. The booths have been filled with family complicity between the presenter and the radio listeners who ask for her favorite songs or send greetings, because although there are digital platforms, some prefer the traditional. After ten years of experience, she overflows with energy, joy, effort and sincerity. “Throughout these years I have taken care of my credibility“, he claimed.

Practice sincere contact with your audience daily. “There are bad days, we are all human beings, but we are aware that when we turn on the microphone we try to spread that spirit, even if there is no”. “The audience feels part of you and it is valid to allow yourself to be human and share with the listener”, he confessed.

His closeness to the microphones was thanks to his mother, the announcer Ruth Duarte. He recalled that in many activities in his house he lived with the announcer Josué Morales, the actor César García Cáceres, Chalío Titipuches, and more. Although her parent didn’t want her to follow in her footsteps, some tickets led her to her first casting. “I won some tickets to the cinema and while I was waiting I noticed that there was another line that was an audition for a radio station, I applied and they hired me”.

Auditions are vital for the interviewee. “I always recommend attending castings. You must lose fear and prepare yourself because you are always in contact with rejection that is not due to a bad job, sometimes the reasons are varied”, he pointed out.

Sierra has been grateful that during her voiceover journey she has met great women who have supported her and given her opportunities such as Evelyn Tello, Andrea Alcázar and Gabriela Orozco.

He currently works for Radio Star 89.3. This combines it with corporate communication. In addition, she is a television presenter, has provided her voice and has acted for more than 25 commercial brands. She is a teacher and speaker on topics such as voice and diction, assertive communication, personal image and more.

His way through acting

He has also worked for different theater companies with the works The Imaginary Sick, A coffin for 2, The beauty and the beast, Legends Tour, the best of heramong other.

Marisol Vásquez Photographer: Luis Vargas

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