Justin Bieber closer than ever to Hailey Baldwin after drama with Selena Gomez

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Justin Bieber is still closer than ever to Hailey Baldwin after the drama with Selena Gomez, friends close to the couple report. The singer has proven to be with his wife through thick and thin, as he declared in his wedding vows.

Some days ago Hailey Baldwin was involved in a drama with Kylie Jenner for allegedly making fun of Selena Gomez. After the singer shared the accident she had with her eyebrows on TikTok, Justin Bieber’s wife and the socialite published a close-up of her “perfect” eyebrows, which Internet users took as a mockery of the singer’s ex.

After the controversy, a wave of support for Selena Gomez was unleashed, exposing the multiple occasions on which Kylie Jenner and Baldwin had allegedly molested the singer.

Among the thousands and thousands of followers that Kylie Jenner and Hailey Baldwin lost, Justin Bieber was a total support for his wife. Although Internet users noted that the Canadian singer had stayed away from the drama, friends of the couple say that he has been closer than ever to Alec Baldwin’s niece.

Justin has been an amazing support system for Hailey through all of this.. She has leaned on Justin and knows that he has her back no matter what,” the insider said. “Your marriage is stronger than ever.and it is difficult times like this that only strengthen their bond, “he continued.

In addition, the couple’s friend acknowledged that Justin Bieber feels confused by this drama, because “You know how happy Hailey was since she and Selena made up and I thought they had already put all this in the past.

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