Justin Bieber: his incredible gesture to make water more sustainable!

Justin Bieber recently unveiled a long-standing project that would make drinking water more sustainable and accessible to everyone.

Singer Justin Bieber is very sensitive to ecology. And it is for this reason that he launched an ambitious project to “sustainable water fountains”. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Justin Bieber: a singer with a big heart

It’s no secret. Justin Bieber is arguably one of the most charitable singers middle. After unveiling a beautiful message for girlfriend’s birthday, here he is on a new project. And not least!

Indeed, the Canadian artist is a fervent protector of nature. His idea : create some “refillable fountains” around the world. A strong gesture, after the great water shortage this summer… Respect!

To do this, Justin Bieber has therefore launched his own company. Named Generosity Watershe is the fruit “long-term work” with his associate, Micah Cravalho.

The singer also explained the interest of this company. “Generosity Water will provide quality water in refillable fountains all over the world”, he said. A beautiful project!

But to hit hard, he also needed an announcement with great fanfare. And that’s exactly what Bieber did at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. 150 tanks were installed around the stadiums, just that!

“I wish everyone could have access to the best water. And I want countries to know how best to protect their people. The misuse of plastic is a scourge, we must act”explained the singer to the media.

It would therefore be a large-scale project, to combat both water shortage and the “overuse” plastic. MCE TV tells you more!

An alternative to plastic

Justin Bieber therefore knows it well, plastic is a danger to the planet. But for all that, it is quite difficult to do without. Indeed, most packaging is made of this very polluting material. And this is where the artist’s idea comes in!

Indeed, his company aims above all to reduce single-use plastic packaging. And even eventually, make them disappear! Micah Cravalho has also spoken on this subject.

“We want to be the world leader in water technology, with refillable products to replace single-use packaging”, said the co-founder. Great ambitions, then!

But then, how does it work? Well, it’s actually quite simple, as CNN explains. “Generosity connects to any water source. It is then able to create premium, refillable alkaline water. The water is then distributed via their durable fountains, which will end up in major public places by 2023. Credible, isn’t it?

Definitely, nothing stops Justin Bieber. And this, even in spite of the hardships of life like his facial paralysis. But he has already proven it to us on several occasions, he is a person of courage who knows how to face obstacles. Anyway, hats off!

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