Justin Bieber is cured and will resume his world tour

The singer, paralyzed in part of his face last June by a disease called Ramsay Hunt syndrome, is better and will be able to resume his tour at the end of July.

Justin Bieber’s tour, titled “Justice”, will resume on July 31, with a concert at the Lucca Summer Festival in Italy, the singer’s spokesperson told variety. This is a sign that the Canadian singer has recovered well from the virus which forced him to cancel part of his tour in early June.

Justin Bieber had thus announced on June 10, video in support, to be paralyzed in part of the face, due to a disease of the family of chickenpox and shingles, called Ramsay Hunt syndrome. He had to cancel his American dates in particular.

“It’s pretty serious”

“I have this syndrome called Ramsay Hunt, it comes from a virus that attacks the nerves of my ear and my face,” he explained.

“So for those who are frustrated with the cancellations of my upcoming shows, I’m just not physically able to do them. It’s pretty serious as you can see,” the 28-year-old singer added.

The tour will therefore resume in Europe, starting with Italy. Justin Bieber will then pass by Skanderborg in Denmark, at the beginning of August, then in Malmö, in Sweden and in Trondheim, in Norway. His last European date will be in Budapest, Hungary, on August 12.

The pop star will only be back on stage in Europe in the winter of 2023. He will then perform in Berlin, Barcelona, ​​Amsterdam, London… and Paris, on March 6 and 7. All tour dates are on the official Justin Bieber website. Nothing is currently indicated regarding the rescheduling of canceled concerts. “The Justice World Tour shows in the United States, scheduled for June and early July, will be postponed,” said a statement posted on Twitter last June.

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VIDEO – Justin Bieber’s Minute

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