Justin Bieber reappears on the stage of a well-known festival — LOS40 Chile

Justin Bieber was present on a major American stage, despite having canceled all pending dates of the “Justice World Tour”.

Despite the fact that neither he nor his team have officially announced this news, fans became aware of it because the dates of the upcoming concerts They were removed from their website. In addition, in the ticket sales portal events appear as canceledand even in some countries they announced the return of the money.

The last time Justin performed live was on Brazil in September 2022and only one day of singing in Chile, reported that the artist could not continue with the tour for health reasonsso the event it was not rescheduled for Latin America.

Justin Bieber returns to the stage

This weekend a new version of the rolling loud in California, a festival that brings together great exponents of hip and hop and trap in english. It was in this context that while it was being presented Don ToliverBieber appeared by surprise.

The Canadian artist has already collaborated several times with the rapper, but this time he went up to sing «Private Landing»song that belongs to Toliver’s latest album «Love Sick».

The moment went viral on social networks and excited the singer’s fans to see him on stage again, giving hope to those who hope Justin will resume touring in the future.


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♬ Private Landing (feat. Justin Bieber & Future) – Don Toliver

What health problem does Justin Bieber have?

The singer has had to postpone his world tour more than twice due to complications from his heart disease. Ramsay Hunt syndrome.

This condition is caused by a virus, which infects a nerve near the ear, causing irritation and paralysis of part of the face. Last year the same singer shared a video showing how this disease was affecting him in between the world tour: “As you can see, this eye doesn’t blink. I can’t smile on this side of the face. This nostril doesn’t move. I have total paralysis on this side of my face,” he told his social media.

A source close to Justin Bieber would have confirmed to the Daily Mail that this cancellation of the pending dates would be due to the same. “Justin is fragile and has worn himself out lately. They told him this had to happen and he was left with no choice. He knows that if he doesn’t cancel the remaining tour dates, it could have a horrible impact on your overall health. If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything,” they told the outlet.

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