Justin Bieber releases his new clip in collaboration with Free Fire!

On Sunday September 18, singer Justin Bieber unveiled his new music video in collaboration with Free Fire… The images are stunning!

Even if he decided to take a rest, Justin Bieber is back in force with the release of his new clip in collaboration with Free Fire! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

All work deserves success

Justin Bieber is known to be a hard worker. Even sick, he continues to write to the delight of his fans. So much so that to date, he is the third most listened to on Spotify, with 71.7 million plays.

He also holds the record for the most monthly peak listeners in Spotify’s history with 94.6 million. Proof that his work continues to pay! But his devotion is such that he suffered a lot with his illness…

Indeed, he revealed that he suffered from Ramsay-Hun syndrome. A disease that paralyzes his face. He therefore took the time to rest with his darling Hailey Bieber. Nevertheless, the singer is back on stage, stronger than ever.

But it took him Brazil to realize he needed to take care of himself: “This weekend, I gave everything for the Brazilians (but) when I left the stage, I was very tired and I realized that my health had to be a priority”

So he decided to make ae break in his career, for his good : “So I’m going to take a break in my tour, for the moment (…) It’s going to be fine but I need to rest to feel better”.

We hope to see him back in shape as soon as possible! His fans keep asking for him on social networks!

Justin Bieber releases new music video

But while Justin Bieber is resting, he finally released his last music video. Indeed, his fans had the happy surprise to discover it this Sunday, September 18. And expect a marvel that changes from the ordinary!

It is then “Beautiful Love”, in collaboration with Free Fire! It is the developer Garena who posted the music video on Youtube. And in less than two days, he was a hit!

There are over 423,000 views and over 5,000 comments: “ wow the clip is awesome”, “a breath of fresh air”, “this song is perfect”, “justin’s voice is a gem, it’s clear, sweet, it goes straight to my heart it’s really crazy”

Justin Bieber is amazing! It therefore appears in the clip sin the form of a video game character. And we understand why ! Indeed, Free Fire is a Battle Royale game released in August 2017, then developed by 111 Dots Studio and published by Garena for Android and iOS.

This game is a real nugget that has paid off over $4 billion to the developer Garena. And he’s still in the running today.

This collab with Justin Bieber is therefore a very good idea! Since it allows the game to reach the audience of the artist.

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