Justin Bieber victim of facial paralysis: He confides!

Take away from a singer the ability to open his mouth properly and you will see the sadness that will come from the fact that he can no longer express his emotions through music. Justin Bieber had recently announced that he was forced to cancel several of his concerts for health reasons. A news that had not failed to cause general concern in the ranks of his fans. It must be believed that during all these years on stage, this singer had never missed a single one of his appearances in front of his audience. This time, the situation was much more serious than expected since his absence risks being extended for an indefinite period.

A particularly difficult situation for the two lovebirds

This disease which has just touched Justin Bieber falls rather badly insofar as Hailey Baldwin has just recovered from the cerebrovascular accident of which she had suffered. Suffice to say that the ordeals that the couple is currently undergoing are the most difficult of all. All that matters remains in any case the fact that they are still as supportive of each other. This is the whole value of love. In the meantime, Justin Bieber had spoken to his fans to inform them of what was happening to him. He had not failed to illustrate his remarks with images of his face.

Justin Bieber thus declared that he had Ramsay Hunt syndrome. For those of you who have never heard of it, it is a virus that directly attacks the nerves in the ears. The problem in this pathology is that it causes facial paralysis and that is what happened to the singer. The latter had notably revealed the symptoms that he could not blink. Without waiting a single second more, the singer had therefore called a doctor to find a solution as soon as possible to solve the problem.

Justin Bieber’s fight is still far from over

It is clear today that Justin Bieber’s health problems are gradually dissipating. As he says so well, each day brings its share of improvements. Words he made a few days ago. The resumption of his activities remains however uncertain because if the disease begins to regress, his fight is not yet won. Especially when you know that his recovery is both slow and difficult. Not quite as expected. Remember that the interpreter of Like a baby was expected for a concert at the Accorhotels Arena on March 7, 2023 for an unprecedented concert. With this schedule turned upside down, nothing is certain yet. Many of his fans want to be optimistic in any case and they are right.

A return soon for the singer?

Justin Bieber has always had the soul of a fighter and it is not a simple facial paralysis that will prevent him from persevering in his career. We therefore hope that the concert planned to be held in France will not be canceled like the eight appearances which had to be postponed because of his state of health. He is currently concentrating on the care provided to him and his return should be soon.

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