Justin Bieber’s return to the stage is near

2022 was not a very pleasant year for Justin Bieber, who suffered cerebral palsy in June that forced him to cancel his tour. At that time, the artist revealed that he suffers from Ramsayhun syndrome, a neurological disorder that infects a nerve in the head that is very close to the inner ear, causing paralysis. This syndrome is derived from the varicella-zoster virus. Of course, the news affected his fans, who worried about his health and were also saddened by the cancellation of his concerts. However, after several months of this news, the Canadian gave his followers a surprise through their social networks.

On his Instagram account, the 29-year-old posted in his stories “waiting for this…”. The message was accompanied by a video in which he is seen in front of the camera lens, zooms in and shows a tremendous smile, something that filled his fans with emotion, because according to what the audiovisual material shows, things are improving for the Canadian, as indicated by ‘Los 40’ on its website. As expected, the news that he recovered the movement of his face shocked social networks, generating excitement among his fans, who eagerly await his return to the stage. In this sense, according to the information published by CNN, the interpreter of ‘Baby’ would start his presentations from July. LThe company AAG Presents UK assured that Bieber would begin with a presentation in Italy on July 31, and then he would continue in South America, South Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Did Justin Bieber hint at Selena Gomez?

Although many of his followers are happy for his return to the stage, There are others who disapprove of Justin’s behavior, and not with respect to his health, but with the alleged hint that he recently threw at his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez. A few weeks ago, the singer turned 29 and celebrated with a party attended by several celebrities, including Billie Eilish. The issue is that versions emerged that suggest that the interpreter of “Boyfriend” sent a hint to Gómez, and that he used the memories that he gave at the celebration. At the party, Justin gave his guests lighter covers that he had engraved with the phrase: “I’m so glad I didn’t end up with what I thought I wanted.”

When the images of the souvenirs by the singer himself were published, the reactions from users of social networks, especially from Selena’s followers, did not wait as this fandom seems to always be looking for new details to keep I live the adolescent drama of two people who have been adults for a long time, as he remembers ‘Who’ on his website. The rumors that Bieber has not overcome the interpreter of ‘Same Old Love’ or that he “lives in the past” were the tone that marked the conversation that this detail unleashed on the networks, and that adds to the drama in which he always The American singer remains in the center, who despite trying to make peace with what she experienced with her ex and even with his wife, he can’t stop new outbreaks of drama involving a relationship that came to an end nearly five years ago.

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