Justin Timberlake Movies, Norse Mythology, Panicked Christmas Gifts: A Brief History of ‘Trolls’

If you’re like me, you might be wondering two things: Why can you find good quality, fragrant sunflower seeds only at highway rest stops, and then only when you can? trolls Turn into such a big chain? I can’t really speak to the distribution of snack products known to raise your HDL, but there is some paper trail for it. trolls Event.

third film, trolls band together, is out this week and stars Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick, with support from celebs like Troye Sivan, Daveed Diggs, Kid Cudi, Amy Schumer and RuPaul. In a strange twist, the project is based on Timberlake’s personal history, which deals with his character once being a member of a boy band. (*NSYNC has been replaced with the fictional Brozone.) Who would have thought that Timberlake’s life story would be so bright and rubbery in the movie?

Somehow, it’s rare to see a major entertainment franchise emerge from 75¢ toys bought for a crying baby at Stop & Shop when they promise to use their indoor voice. (where oh where Bouncy Rubber Eyeballs: The Movie?!?) So, it’s worth seeing how it happened.

Note: We may be skipping a few steps here and there.

9th century, Scandinavia

An image from the collection of the Nationalmuseum for Kunst, Architecture and Design, OsloAn image from the collection of the Nationalmuseum for Kunst, Architecture and Design, Oslo
An image from the collection of the Nationalmuseum for Kunst, Architecture and Design, Oslo.The collection of the Nationalmuseum for Kunst, Architecture and Design, Oslo/Getty Images

It is not easy to determine the exact origins of trolls in folklore, as much of it originates from oral tradition, passed down by bards. skalds, But after some cursory research and a visit to lifeinnorway.net, it’s safe to say that stories of dangerous-but-silent animals hiding in caves or in the mountains go back over 1000 years. Sometimes they were small; At other times they were huge and their degree of dangerousness changed depending on who was telling the story.

1937, Great Britain

JRR Tolkien included references to trolls in his first volume set in Middle Earth, the hobbit, In their first appearance, they suffer the fate of being turned to stone if they encounter daylight.

In the intervening years, legends and stories about trolls persisted, with creatures sometimes powerful and fierce, and sometimes silly and harmless. A recurring place for him to stay (and sometimes surprise people) was under bridges.

1959, Denmark

Early Thomas Dam troll dolls photographed in London in 1965Early Thomas Dam troll dolls photographed in London in 1965
An early Thomas Dam troll doll was photographed in London in 1965.Evening Standard/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

A Danish fisherman and woodworker named Thomas Dam was very strapped for cash this year, and could not buy a Christmas present for his daughter. So he created a little toy from his imagination and soon all the other boys and girls in the village became jealous. (All this happened on the northern coast town of Gjol, which has a current population of 922.)

Dam founded a company (Dam Things) and began producing “Good Luck Trolls”, medium-sized dolls with rubber faces, dwarf-looking eyes, and wild hair. It became a sensation in Europe and spread to America in the early 1960s. The trend ebbed and returned several times over the decades (as did imitators.) In the 1970s it was all about wild hair. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, there certainly were a lot of miniature Trolls on the Keychain.

In the early 1990s, the Internet

As more and more people gained access to the World Wide Web, jargon emerged to describe what life was like in cyberspace. Junk correspondence that no one wanted was called spam, a reference to both cheap canned meat products and old Monty Python sketches. Trolls are annoying people who deliberately say mean or insulting things on message boards to shock others.

2005, hollywood

Animation studio DIC licensed to create Trolls of DAM Toys trollJade (“z” is of course a nod to the popular toys, also available in supermarket machines, known as Bratz.) This short-lived series flopped so badly that both DIC and DAM sued each other. Filed a lawsuit.

2010, Norway

Film director André Evredal (whose most recent work was Demeter’s last journey) Issued troll Hunter, a shocking and brilliant “found footage” film about giant trolls that mixes current media tropes with Norse mythology. If you have not seen this picture then you must see it.

It has nothing to do with popular trolls The franchise is currently entertaining kids, but this is proof that something was brewing.

2016 – present, Hollywood

finally we arrive trolls The event as we know it. In 2013, DreamWorks Animation purchased the brand, sensing an opportunity to expand the toys into other media. However, the numbers are not at the level of, say, transformerIt is undeniable that IP has staying power.

First trolls Cast Justin Timberlake (angry Bough) and Anna Kendrick (spirited, ready-to-sing Poppy) as lovable, brightly colored trolls who battle adversity, save their village, and have fun. Are ready for. It’s a movie for kids – little kids – but it’s beautiful and some of the animation really has some spirit.

The film grossed $343 million at the box office and, some may forget, this was the film that gave us the song “Can’t Stop This Feeling”, a #1 single for Justin Timberlake. Below is the version trollsWhich is a little different from the show that has been running at CVS nonstop since 2016.

Released in 2017 trolls holiday, a Christmastime 30-minute special edition was released on NBC with most of the original cast (Timberlake, Kendrick, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Zooey Deschanel and James Corden). It was a huge ratings earner and spawned a soundtrack album.

Released in 2018 Trolls: The beat goes on!, a Netflix series produced in a cheaper 2D style with a different voice cast. They presented eight seasons (!) in less than two years, singing catchy pop tunes and putting bright colors in kids’ eyes.

Then, in 2020, the world got ready for it Trolls: World Tour, The original gang was back, including a number of unexpected musical acts like Ozzy Osbourne, George Clinton and Gustavo Dudamel (what a trio!!!). Alas, even though Trolls was ready for a world tour, the world was not ready for a movie at the time. COVID-19 closed most theaters, so the film screened only at drive-ins and venues passing extreme social distancing rules. Thus, it was not a box office hit, although it was released on VOD and continues to thrill kids and families.

later that year, Trolls: Trolltopia Debuts on Hulu and Peacock, as a sequel to the beat Goes On! Its look and ridiculous production schedule was similar to that of the Netflix series, which completed seven seasons in two years.

But last year the OG cast returned for another NBC special, Trolls: Holidays in Harmony, Here’s a scene in which an existentialist bug loses his hat. It’s fun.

And that brings us to this week’s release: trolls band together,

370 cycles after Newson, Northern Eurasia

A man living in tunnels under the ground, once known as Skene, has not had a good deal this season, and is unable to give his daughter a toy to celebrate Highbound’s naming day. Was. However, he does have some rubber, some paint, and some cotton, and he can remember an image he once saw in the Grand Chancellor’s library… or at least, that’s what we predict. that’s all we know trolls Will survive long after the apocalypse.

trolls band together In theaters now.

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