Justin Timberlake’s out of control bloodshed on video

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A video of the singer is making the rounds on social networks.

Electricity in the air. Justin Timberlake hasn’t been spared Britney Spears fans and the #FreeBritney movement in recent years. The singer, in a relationship with the pop star from 1999 to 2002, was notably accused of having betrayed her and of speaking about her ex to attract their sympathy. A new video revives these tensions.

” Go away ! »

Filmed by a paparazzi, Justin Timberlake obviously did not appreciate being asked about Britney’s pregnancy. “Britney Spears has just announced that she is pregnant with her third child…”, we hear the cameraman say to him before being interrupted. American’s response: “Stop! Go away ! » A tense exchange which has been widely commented on on social networks.

“What did it cost him to say he was happy for her?” », “so rude ” or “He is clearly uncomfortable”can we read on Twitter. This April 14, Britney Spears implied that her child would be a girl by slipping the word “pink” on Instagram.

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