Juve, Allegri has to manage ten unavailable

Locatelli at McKennie to make room for Arthur. Danilo left to pull back Cuadrado and make room for Bernardeschi. All possible expressions of Allegri to take advantage of the staff available in this season finale

Max Allegri has to deal with ten unavailable for the next match against Sampdoria. The injured will be joined by Bernardeschi, booked with Spezia and already warned: he will be disqualified. For some, the season is over, with Chiesa and Kaio Jorge also joined by McKennie, who will return to the Continassa next summer. A scenario that could push the Juventus coach to do some experiments to make up for the shortcomings, assemble the pieces differently and find some new solution.


Something has already been seen in the last match, with Locatelli in the position of forward midfielder, just as McKennie had often been used, so much so that he found continuity in recent months. Against Spezia, especially in the first half – when there were few spaces – the blue almost made the attacking midfielder, while guaranteeing the necessary coverage in the middle of the field in the phase of non-possession. With him there is more space for Arthur in the control room: slightly different characteristics but essentially similar tasks. Good solution in the event of a median of three, with Rabiot completing the department, awaiting the return of Zakaria (expected after the break).


The other move concerns Danilo, a strategic element for defense. With Bernardeschi’s return to the field, Allegri proposed Cuadrado low right and hijacked the Brazilian on the left-handed side. A position that – even in the three-way setting – would allow De Ligt to remain on the right-hand position and Bonucci to set up with maximum protection. Potential of the choice: excellent balance and solidity with the three-man defense; good solution for pieces of competition to manage and to make the most of Cuadrado’s intelligence in managing the two phases.


The reduction of the squad inevitably opens up some opportunities to the young players from the Under 23s. “They are all ready, if needed they can take the field”, assured Massimiliano Allegri in recent weeks. Who is chasing his debut in Serie A is Miretti, a midfielder born in 2003 from the full Juventus school. But also Soulé, after his debut with Salernitana in the first leg and the final stages in Venice, hopes to increase the playing time with the first team. Same goes for Aké, who has been working at Continassa since Chiesa stopped.


Waiting for Dybala, Bernardeschi’s return to the field also allows us to think about more modules. The Juventus winds can act as an offensive winger on the right, leaving Morata (or Kean) in the opposite area, or possibly as a left midfielder in 4-3-3. But he could also play as a high left-handed winger, allowing one of the three midfielders to catch his breath, in a 4-4-2. When Joya returns, it will also be easier to propose a 4-2-3-1, with the Argentine from under the striker and the attacking outsiders to balance between possession and non-possession phases. For now, however, one will have to make a virtue of necessity.

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