Juve, Arthur operates: recovery, what happens for market and Champions list


With the return expected well beyond the start of the European season, it could be the Brazilian to make room for Locatelli among the names in the cup list. With one less man in the middle, Ramsey’s position is back in question

Whether the recovery times take two and a half or three months, Juve is counting on being able to return perhaps around October to count in midfield on Arthur Melo, under the knife today at the Fornaca by Dr. Raimondo Piana to solve the problem of post-traumatic calcification at the level of the interosseous membrane (between the tibia and fire) of the right leg , which had affected his performance for at least seven months after a good start to the season, and which finally forced him to surrender to the evidence of the intervention.


The first consequence is that it lapses, until his return, the abundance in midfield that beyond any other technical and economic evaluation had led to take into account a surplus, long identified in Aaron Ramsey only to then face the difficulties in finding the right conditions for his sale. He will remain and the others will remain, then we will see: based on Arthur’s recovery, based on the tactical set-up choices (median two or three), based on the balances and chemistry that in the meantime will be formed around the new technical course.


The first spontaneous question is: but could he not have gone down the path of intervention before? Juventus-Atalanta of December 16, 2020, it all began then, put in relation to a blow taken in a contact with Cristian Romero. Arthur tried to play on it, he missed a couple of games then he played six out of seven of which the last four as a starter before deciding in February to stop, returning only on the return with Porto and closing the championship at half-time: in the last 14 games of A in five he did not even enter and as a starter he played (on pain) only three , including the infamably known black hole with Benevento.



The immediate intervention would have been risky because the calcification was not yet “stopped” and even removing it the problem could have recurred. Therefore, necessarily undertaken a conservative therapy, it was continued (based on shock waves) even after already in March-April there had been solicitations for an intervention when Arthur was still hoping for a call-up to the America’s Cup. But that Brazil would not call him is official since June 9, in the meantime it has been more than a month, spent on vacation by the midfielder with a specific job with the prosecutors. The return to Turin formalized a decision not surprisingly, as evident from the timing of the intervention.


So the new Juve was born without Arthur. That at this point seriously risks not finding space in the Champions list, where with the expected entry of Locatelli someone must “go out” and the Brazilian certainly will not be there for the first cup on September 14-15. With a little help from the breaks for the national teams in early September and early October, the league games without him could be at least six to seven. Then the run-up of Arthur will begin, who already at the start (let alone so) would have found himself having to carve out a dimension in the hierarchies of Allegri, of which other preferences are filtered in terms of physicality and dynamism that lead to hypothesize a bentancur-locatelli-rabiot titular trio. In addition to them and McKennie, who the technician will know better these days, Ramsey is back in the ball. Waiting for Arthur.


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