Juve: Vlahovic, Covid and the quarantine violated. Pm asks for archiving

The player, in the days of his move to Juve, had tested positive for coronavirus, but according to the accusation he would have disregarded the quarantine to move to Turin, which was then negative once he arrived in Piedmont

The Florence prosecutor Giovanni Solinas would have asked for the filing of the investigation into the former viola striker Dusan Vlahovic opened following his trip to Turin last January, to undergo medical examinations with Juventus: according to what was reported by the Florentine ASL, the player , being positive at the time, it would have violated the quarantine. He brings it back today The nation explaining that the prosecutor would have asked for archiving having been ascertained that when the attacker left the house in Florence the ASL had not yet officially placed him in quarantine. And a positive swab alone is not sufficient to determine, according to the magistrate, “the prohibition of mobility whose violation is criminally relevant”.

According to the investigations conducted by the Nas carabinieri, which crossed with the investigations of the federal prosecutor of the FIGC, the player had left his Florentine home in the night between 27 and 28 January and had reached the hotel in Turin at dawn. , after traveling in a car driven by a driver. That morning, the footballer was joined by the Juventus health manager, Luca Stefanini, who subjected him to a new antigen test, with negative results. So, when at 8.54, the ASL delivered the isolation measure to Vlahovic’s email, the order had been overtaken by recovery.

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