Juventus transfer market, goodbye Dybala | They have already chosen the new ‘Ten’

In the survey proposed today by Calciomercato.it, our users expressed their opinion on the Juventus market, with particular attention to the possible heir to the number ‘ten’ shirt

Wanted number 10 in the house Juventus. The current owner of the Juventus’ most coveted jersey is still Paulo Dybala, despite the difficulties and obstacles related to renewal contract that is slow in coming, and that begins to set off alarm bells. The fate of the Argentine playmaker begins to cloud, with the agreement expiring in June starting to weigh, as well as the strong glimmer of any other offers from top clubs.

Paulo Dybala © LaPresse

Even the shadow ofInter of the former Marotta he could stretch out on Dybala, who in the meantime will first of all have to give important answers on the pitch after the negative performance in the Super Cup.

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Juventus transfer market, from Vlahovic to Luis Alberto: a big player to inherit the number ‘ten’

Juventus, Vlahovic for number 10
Vlahovic © LaPresse

The followers of the Twitter page of Calciomercato.it intervened in this regard, expressing their opinion regarding Dybala’s possible heir in the event of a farewell to zero at the end of the season by the Argentine playmaker. His future remains a difficult puzzle to solve, and there is no shortage of names already associated with Juventus’ number 10 jersey. According to the fans who intervened through the Calciomercato.it survey, the right man to entrust the Juventus ten would be Dusan Vlahovic, center forward of the Fiorentina expiring 2023 and for some time approached with vigor to Agnelli’s club, and voted with 46.2%.

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At a sidereal distance and with a totally different role in the field, the former Paul settles with 23.1% Pogba, leaving Manchester United. They close the picture from the capital Zaniolo And Luis Alberto.

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