Jynxzi Rage leaves Fortnite OG after entire sniper lobby lands on him

Popular Twitch streamer Jynxzi tried out Fortnite OG when an entire sniper lobby fell on his location, leading him to quit the game entirely. While the streamer is known for his comedic responses to these types of situations, here’s how this particular incident made his audience laugh.

Fortnite’s most recent OG season has racked up a huge number of active players since Epic Games made the stats public in April 2023, taking the streaming community by storm. As a result, the game’s viewership on Twitch has reached its highest point since the conclusion of Chapter 1 in 2019.

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OG players like Tfue, Ninja, DrLupo, and Courage JD, among other Fortnite streamers, have returned in an effort to reacquaint themselves with the game’s early days. As Frosty Flights debuted and the OG season entered its third week, players dominate matches as they take to the skies in their X-4 Stormwing aircraft.

Stormwing X-4 in Fortniteepic games

The X-4 Stormwing vehicle is back with the Week 3 update in the OG Season.

Similarly, in a public Battle Royale match, well-known Twitch streamer jynxzi, who also has the second-most subscribers on the platform, jumped off the Battle Bus in an attempt to secure a Victory Royale with the vehicle. As a result, he quit the game in a fit of rage after an entire sniper lobby infiltrated his location.

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Here is the sequence of events that happened during his most recent broadcast, as well as his fans’ reactions.

Jynxzi tries out Fortnite OG as he lets go of his anger after being attacked on stream

Renowned Twitch streamer Jynxzi decided to play the new OG season of Fortnite on his stream and win the coveted Victory Royale in a public Battle Royale match. The streamer encountered an entire lobby of snipers as he approached Frosty Flights with the intention of seizing an X-4 Stormwing aircraft.

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Being the fastest, he jumped onto the plane, only to realize that a sniper was sitting on the wing and applied the Griddy emote to him. After this, each sniper opened fire on the plane and pursued it in their respective planes, with the goal of shooting it down. Meanwhile, Jynxzi attempted to throw the player off the wing of her plane.

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Despite persistent attempts to prevent him, Jynxzi eventually exited the plane and was killed shortly after by a sniper. The consequence was that the transmitter became enraged and destroyed his transmission setup by diving into it.

Upon witnessing the hilarious encounter, several of his fans commented on the viral videos shared online. One of those fans said: “Bro is always hitting the camera on him.” Another chimed in: “Bro sped up and launched into his setup.”

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A third commented: “That shit sounded like a battlefield when he jumped off the plane.” A fourth added: “Classic Fortnite experience right there.”

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