K9 first aid and tactical medicine course completed

Guatemala City, Jul 4 (AGN).- The Ministry of the Interior (Mingob) He completed a course in K9 first aid and tactical medicine, the ministry announced.

This was taught at the Central American School of Canine Training, in El Cerinal, Barberena, Santa Rosa.

According to the institution, the objective of the course is to strengthen police work for the benefit of citizens.

In addition, it was mentioned that the course was attended by 22 people from the General Subdirectorate for Anti-Narcotics Information Analysis (SGAIA) of the National Civil Police (PNC). In addition, guards from the General Directorate of the Penitentiary System and personnel from the Secretary of Social Welfare of the Presidency.

Mingob continues to implement police transformation strategy

police transformation

This year, the Mingob has promoted different courses for members of the PNC, as part of the Police Transformation Strategy. This aims to renew the institution, within the framework of its 25th anniversary.

For this reason, during the closing of the course, the Vice Minister of Anti-Narcotics, Ferdinand Rhodes, invited police personnel to participate in the different courses promoted by the Mingob.

Given this, he stressed that the training represents an opportunity to strengthen their knowledge and improve the performance of their work for the benefit of citizens.

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