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tape so far Produced by Actor EDuard You’ll seeStegui and directed by Alejandro Monteverde, have collected It grossed $180 million worldwide. This is the bellwether of the year for Hollywood films made by Latinos and with Latinos. The public liked it, the critics didn’t. is the sound of freedom an exciting serial With Hollywood Bill. Cursillon, medium with amusing and manly speechimpulator, who tries to convince usamong other things, No matter how bad the world is, luckily there’sGringo to save us,

When we see on screen a man with determination and fortitude like Tim Ballard (Jim Caviezel), gringo agent of the Department of Homeland Security, who acts sound of freedom, We can only lament the misfortune that we Mexicans have, in having no men of that caliber in our gallant National Guard. With our National Guard having twenty Tim’s Ballards, the gangsters must be trembling with fear. And Tim is the personification of everything a hero should be, at least in this world. barbie, A loving father, a tireless warrior, and above all, a (white) man with an unwavering sense of morality and justice. The ideal of a true republic.

Only someone like that can join an almost humanitarian mission aimed at rescuing two children from the clutches of a Latin American cartel dedicated to the trafficking of minors. To achieve this, brave Tim must go to Colombia to infiltrate the gangsters and set a trap for them. Exactly in the style of a spy movie plot. We’ve seen more similar stories than we can remember. The only difference is that the hero is not behind a drug cartel, but a group of kidnappers. beyond that, sound of freedom This is the bread with that.

Hand God’s

There are several moments in which the film refers to God and faith as the great solution to ending evil and crime. There’s even a scene in which Tim, more than a police officer, sounds like the pastor of one of the many evangelical churches scattered across the United States. The camera captures him in a medium shot, while he tells us something with his small, teary eyes, which could be like a sermon. he just had to tell us: Repent, you weak ones! That tearful eye is another characteristic of Tim’s character.

Unlike the tough heroes of Hollywood action movies from Jason Statham to Dwayne Johnson, Tim has no hesitation in shedding tears when things get tough. He is not such a harsh and arrogant man who rarely smiles. Tim isn’t one to throw bullets or throw a lot of punches. Rather, his efficiency as a punisher of the wicked depends on his tremendous good fortune. And of course, divine help. Of course, the script goes overboard at some moments, so fortunate that it ultimately pushes the story into the realm of the impossible.

dance of stereotypes

Gringos have a particular view of what a Latin American craftsman should be like physically and psychologically. It doesn’t matter if you’re Mexican, Colombian or Argentinian, to Hollywood they’re all the same: ugly, old and stupid. So whereas in real life we ​​see that the smart people in our countries are very young, almost teenagers, sound of freedom They are portrayed before us as mature and less clumsy men and women. So clumsy that a gringo agent needs only his good luck and good nature to wipe them off the map.

still sound of freedom It’s a suspense film with some sweet moments. Moments in which the director takes pleasure in blackmailing us emotionally. The issue of kidnapping children and using them for prostitution in the pedophilia market, like few others, serves to soften or harden the hearts of respectable people. Who wouldn’t be outraged when a photo of one of the kidnapped children surfaced? ,,Teddy Bear,, Is it shown to a potential client as part of an extensive list of “children for hire”? By the way, one catalog also includes children of some years.

unexpected success at the box office

If there is one thing that helps a film not to fail then it is the work of editing. While some parts of the film may be cheesy and unbelievable, it moves along with agility throughout its two-hour-plus running time. However it suddenly started feeling more like a series made for streaming than a feature film designed to be watched in theaters. Still, he manages to keep the audience engaged with the story. Well, at least until the first yawn occurs.

achieved good numbers at the box office sound of freedom They are an example of what it means to make an average and commercially successful film, at a time when streaming platforms own the film exhibition market. There are different variables in the success equation. It’s a story that touches on a topic that is prevalent and no less shocking, one that resonates across the planet. To this we have to add a good bill and an impossible marketing strategy as a trigger based on the public outcry so that they recommend the film through word of mouth.

some messages left after viewing sound of freedom, Perhaps one of the most compelling things is that Gringos will always be there to do the job that corrupt Latin American governments should and should not be doing, namely combating organized crime in their respective countries. Will there be a special dedication to Mexico?

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