Kamala Harris Tests Positive for COVID-19 – NBC New York (47)

WASHINGTON DC – The White House reported Tuesday that Vice President Kamala Harris has tested positive for a rapid test for COVID-19.

“She has exhibited no symptoms, will remain isolated and will continue to work from the vice presidential residence,” said her press secretary, Kirsten Allen.

Allen said President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden have not been “in close contact” with Harris due to their travel schedules.

Harris was scheduled to meet with Biden this Tuesday to receive together the daily report that the country’s intelligence and national security agencies prepare for the president, and the spokeswoman’s statement does not mention what happened with that meeting.

“[Harris] will follow the CDC recommendations and the advice of your doctors. The vice president will return to the White House once she has tested negative for COVID-19,” her spokeswoman assured.

The vice president received her second COVID-19 vaccine booster on April 1, according to NBC News. The first reinforcement she had received in October 2021.

Harris, 57, was in California last week, visiting Los Angeles and San Francisco; The vice president left the US capital after Easter, so it is believed that she had little contact with Biden since then, NBC News clarified.


In the last month, cases of COVID-19 have grown in the entourage of Biden: several members of his cabinet became infected after attending the Gridiron journalistic club dinner in early April, and the two main White House spokeswomen also have recently tested positive.

However, the White House has not changed its protocols in the face of this increase in infections in Washington DC and has held several events indoors and with hardly any masks, considering that things are not as serious as in early January, when the virus was registered. peak of infections by the Omicron variant.

Biden, 79, has not tested positive for COVID-19 so far, and after avoiding large crowds for most of the pandemic, he has made no secret of his desire to mingle with crowds again, one of the aspects he most enjoys about his political life.

Jen Psaki is fully vaccinated against the virus and said she has experienced mild symptoms so far.

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