Kanye West – a new perspective on fairness among employees

Kanye West makes hostile work and unpaid wages the subject of a new plain.

The rapper and Yeezy society are accused of abuse, plus members of the staff, notes of intimidation and do not avoid paying a certain number of people who work to develop the streaming application in de l’anne’s debut.

These revelations appear in a new trial reported by the Washington Post.

All employees, not some miners, are confident that former graduate Kim Kardashian does not pay team members and the qualifications of “esclaves” and “new eclaves”, as well as that other offers are disobliging. They affirm that pornographic images must be exposed in a “hostile work environment.” The plaintiffs are seeking wages, justice, damages and relief for emotional distress.

Selon la Plate, the team behind the streaming service’s app, intended to promote Vultures 2, the second studio album by American hip-hop group ¥$, written by Kanye West and singer Ty Dolla Sign.

Yeezy acquired the YZYVSN app to better serve the company, which employs employees from all over the world, as well as miners as young as 14. One part of the team’s communication is faisait sur Discord, or team members are auraents and malmens because of their age, race, gender, sexual orientation, and ethnicity, according to a simple opinion. After the streaming service app ended, Yeezy said the team members would be compensated, but they never did.

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